'Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien's Last Completed Movie Before The Accident 'Deepwater Horizon' Hits Theaters September 30

Kim McLendon

While Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien will not return to television episodes for quite some time, he's in a really exciting action film about the 2010 BP oil spill that took 11 lives. A true story-based film, Deepwater Horizon is a unique action-packed thriller that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. It is also a brave exposé showing who was allegedly responsible for the spill and why it happened.

Dylan O'Brien's accident has sidelined the handsome star for over six months, but it is believed that perhaps he will be able to return to the Teen Wolf set in October. Still, he will not be in the earliest episodes. Teen Wolf will not even premiere until November 15. It remains unknown just which episode Dylan will reappear in. It could be after Christmas before fans will see O'Brien's character Stiles.

Deepwater Horizon also stars Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez and John Malkovich as a villainous BP executive. Deepwater Horizon cost $156 million to produce, according to Forbes, and is expected to do well at the box office. The nonfictional plotline places the blame squarely on the shoulders of BP executives who valued the profits over human life or the environment, according to Bloomberg, and all other accounts.

Deepwater Horizon promises to be quite a thriller, as well as a sharp kick in the teeth to BP. Benjamin Lee, a writer for The Guardian is quoted in Bloomberg, giving kudos to filmmakers for taking a stand.

"It's rare to see a mainstream film with the guts to double as a takedown of a multibillion dollar company."

Considering Dylan O'Brien's accident, it may seem extra upsetting and stressful to watch him in danger yet again, but Dylan has survived his real life dangers and will eventually return to work in what will be the sixth and final season of Teen Wolf.

Gina Rodriguez told People about the challenges of portraying real people in a life and death situation. She spoke of a scene in Deepwater Horizon she did with Mark Wahlberg where the characters were trying to escape via a helicopter pad.

"I definitely wanted to make the moment that I have with Mark [Wahlberg] on the helipad. That was really important to me because I have never experienced a moment where I thought I was faced with death, and to try to embody all the different emotions that one might go through – without having to experience it – and then working across from this awesome monster [Wahlberg] was really important to me."


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Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien is also slated for a film titled American Assassin which will be filmed in 2017. Maze Runner filming remains somewhat up in the air, but it is expected that Maze Runner's final installment will also be filmed in 2017 and released in 2018.

See Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien in Deepwater Horizon with Kate Hudson, Gina Rodriguez, Kurt Russell and Mark Wahlberg September 30.

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