Manchester United: Wayne Rooney Not Good Enough

Feyenoord and Manchester United Match

2016 is turning out to be one of the toughest years for Manchester United judging by the constant losing streak that the team has been experiencing.

Manchester United was thrashed 3-1 by Watford during a Premier League game that was held on Sunday. It marked the third consecutive time that the team has lost in its tournaments. The team lost 1-0 to Feyenoord during a Premier League tournament that was held on Thursday and lost 2-1 to Manchester City.

The defeats highlight Manchester United’s fall from glory, which is a far cry from the Manchester United that people knew in 2013. It was also a tough week for the team’s manager Jose Mourinho, who has never before suffered three consecutive defeats. Mourinho was featured in a conference where he told the press about some of the problems affecting the team.

“I feel the first moment we had a defeat, a difficult situation, some of the boys are having a bit of difficulty coping with the negativity.”

Feyenoord defense during match

The manager believes that the consecutive defeats are because the team has a hard time overcoming the negativity of losing a match. It, therefore, explains why the team lost two more games after the first defeat. Mourinho also claims that he had doubts about the mental readiness of Manchester United prior to the three defeats. The manager believes that the team was not ready because some of the team members were experiencing a lot of pressure from the responsibility they owe the team.

Though Mourinho did not mention names, one of the players that he was most likely talking about was Wayne Rooney, who failed to deliver vital passes to team members. Rooney wasted numerous critical chances in the game against Feyenoord and that wastefulness is believed to have robbed the team of some chances to get ahead. The team captain who once had an iconic rise to fame is no longer good enough, according to social media. Perhaps his glory days are behind him, but one thing is for sure, Rooney can do better and should pull up his socks.

Pogba’s performance was also subjected to a lot of criticism with claims that his performance against Manchester City was one of his worst and most ill-disciplined. Pogba’s poor performance was most likely because he was feeling a lot of pressure considering his world-record signing.

Memphis Depay has also been in the spotlight for missing numerous matches. Depay has missed four out of five match days under Mourinho. The player has been accused of failing to concentrate on his football career and instead diverting his attention to living a flashy lifestyle.

Despite Manchester United’s unappealing performance in 2014, Mourinho is still confident that he can turn things around. 2013 and 2014 were some of the team’s best years and he told the press that he is still confident in the team.

“If you analyze our three defeats in the last week, we were always the best team in the second half.”

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

The manager stated that the team’s performance against Manchester City was strong in the second half and the same was evident in the tournament against Feyenoord as well as Watford. The problem is that the team had terrible starts, but they then recovered in the second half. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the matches.

Manchester United’s defeats last week has led to a decline on the scoreboards, which means the team will have to work even harder to recover from their losing streak. Some of the players may have been experiencing a lot of pressure to perform, but the latest disappointing performance will only lead to more pressure. Mourinho is also feeling the pressure to bring back Manchester United from the gutters.

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