Jessa Duggar Makes Longer Family News Blog Post About Michelle Duggar’s Birthday Than Sister Jill, Baby Takes Priority On Instagram

Jessa Duggar is pregnant with another baby, which means that she is more in touch with her maternal side than her older sister Jill Dillard! That probably explains the lengthy family blog post she wrote in honor of her mother Michelle Duggar’s birthday. Maybe Jessa is more likely to follow in her mom’s footsteps!

The newly pregnant Duggar made sure to celebrate Michelle’s birthday in style. Not only did she post several images on Instagram about it, but she also wrote a list of 101 things she appreciate about her giving mother.

The items on the list varied from funny to touching. Not only did Jessa thank her mom “for carrying on joyfully even after nights of minimal sleep, and your display of God’s sweet and enduring grace,” but she also found it a blessing that Michelle Duggar let her and her 18 other siblings “eat leftover pizza for breakfast.”

Jill Duggar, her older sister who is currently back in the states after her missions stay in El Salvador, also wrote a “happy birthday” post to Michelle Duggar, but it was much shorter in length.

#happybirthday mama! Read more:

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Instead of listing 101 things she appreciates about her mom, she went for a prose-style blog post that was more colloquial in its delivery.

“You are such an example to all of us young moms and someone I aspire to be like,” Jill wrote on her family blog. “You’re not only my mom but one of my best friends! I am so grateful to God for you and your love for him! Mama, I couldn’t ask for a better mom! Now that I have a little guy, I understand more how blessed I was to have you as my mom!”

What she lacked in terms of word count, she definitely made it up in the number of exclamation points she used!

The 50-year-old matriarch of the 19 Kids and Counting show, which got cancelled after Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, is not taking things slower just because she turned 50 this year. In fact, the news feed is full of the fact that she may have brought another kid into her family, making it 20 kids and counting!

“[O]n Aug. 31, the former 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, were granted temporary guardianship of an 8-year-old boy — making that their 20th child,” reports In Touch Weekly. “The 8-year-old boy is the son of Michelle’s niece, Rachel Hutchins, who’s been struggling to care for him. Rachel, 23, is homeless, unemployed and has had a slew of financial setbacks and problems with the law.”

While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar love to propagate the image of a picture-perfect family that they have, the rest of her relatives have proven to be a little problematic. Instead of abandoning them to figure their lives out, it looks like they have decided to make active measures to make sure that they also lead a life as happy as theirs.


This addition to the family comes at a time that Jessa and Ben Seewald are also expecting a new baby to come into their lives.

“We are overjoyed to announce that Spurgeon has a new title in life as ‘big brother,'” she wrote in her family blog. “We are so thankful that God is adding to our family. 2017 is shaping up to be a wonderful year already and we know Spurgeon will do a great job in his new role. Having Spurgeon has been such a wonderful blessing and we cannot wait to see the face of this sweet new baby (or babies!).”

The latest news update on Jessa’s pregnancy is that she may be expecting more than one this time around!

“Double the work, double the diapers,” she said, according to In Touch Weekly.“We’re looking forward to whatever’s next.”

Do you think Jessa will quickly increase her family size by having baby twins? Do you think her sister Jill will get jealous of the attention she will receive? Let us know in the comments below!

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