Wide-Eyed Chipotle Worker Picture With Romney Goes Viral

Nathan Francis

A wide-eyed Chipotle worker's picture with Mitt Romney has gone viral after the Republican candidate stopped in for lunch and met the impressed worker.

Romney was visiting Colorado on a campaign stop when he came across the wide-eyed Chipotle worker, who is a manager of the Denver restaurant where he stopped. The picture was taken Tuesday afternoon and shows the young man standing with a group of fellow employees making a wide-eyed expression and pointing at Romney.

The wide-eyed Chipotle worker has been identified as 20-year-old Marty Arps, The Associated Press reported.

The Associated Press photo is being shared extensively on Twitter and is making the rounds on websites.

"It's a facial expression I do when I'm excited," Arps told The Daily.

Mitt Romney didn't seem to notice anything odd about the picture, AP photographer Charles Dharapak said.

"It didn't seem awkward. Everyone was having a good time," Dharapak said.

Romney took a break from debate preparations and ordered a pork burrito bowl with guacamole. Joined by his debate partner, Sen Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Romney spent about five minutes greeting customers in the Chipotle restaurant, even stopping to take a picture outside with a young girl.

Despite his obvious excitement at meeting Romney, Arps said he isn't sure who he's going to vote for. The Associated Press that he's "not too hip to elections and stuff."

Mitt Romney shouldn't feel too special about the picture. The wide-eyed Chipotle worker said he made the same expression when he met rapper Nicki Minaj.

You can check out the wide-eyed Chipotle worker and his meeting with Mitt Romney here.