Austin Harrouff Update: Father Claims He Is Still Deteriorating, Was Flakka Involved?

Austin Harrouff, the 19-year-old now known as the cannibal frat boy killer, is still in a Florida hospital after attacking a couple in their garage, stabbing a neighbor, and attempting to eat the face and abdomen of the male victim, John Stevens, III. Austin Harrouff, a student at Florida State University, has been in the hospital for the month since he attacked Stevens and his wife Michelle Mishcon, killing them, and attacking the neighbor that tried to come to their rescue. It is still unclear if Austin Harrouff was using the drug flakka or if he had a mental collapse.

Dr. Wade Harrouff, the father of Austin Harrouff, went on The Dr. Phil Show in tears, recalling what happened the night that his son attacked a couple in their Florida garage, according to the Inquisitr. Wade Harrouff, a Florida dentist, continues to apologize to the families of the victims and says that violence was uncharacteristic of Austin, who he says is a gentle easy-going college student. Dr. Harrouff believes that his son had a mental breakdown rather than a reaction to the drug flakka.

Austin Harrouff remains under arrest, but in a Martin County, Florida hospital in the custody of the sheriff’s department. Austin Harrouff will be charged with fatally stabbing John Stevens III and his wife Michelle Mishcon, and then attempting to eat Stevens’ face and abdomen, says TC Palm. Harrouff, who is still unable to speak, had his breathing tube removed three weeks ago, according to Sheriff William Snyder.


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“His prognosis hasn’t changed. We’re still guarding him 24/7.”

As soon as Harrouff can speak, detectives from the sheriff’s department plan to question him about the events that led to his arrest and hospitalization. Toxicology results that will answer the flakka question are still pending as the FBI is handling the testing. The hospital was able to rule out cocaine, marijuana, and opioids, but the FBI is able to test for the chemicals found in flakka and the drug bath salts.

Dr. Wade Harrouff says that even though the breathing tube has been removed from the throat of his son, Austin Harrouff, his condition continues to deteriorate according to the Palm Beach Post. As a result of the tube and breathing issues, Austin Harrouff has developed pneumonia, and his health is poor, says his father.

“My son is not doing well. He can open his eyes. He can raise his finger. He can squeeze my hand. He can’t talk. He is unresponsive.”

Dr. Wade Harrouff believes that Austin’s state is due to swallowing poison and having a psychological breakdown.

“[Austin] must have some psychological break…. I’m not trying to excuse what happened. He cared a lot about people. Something went way wrong,”


Dr. Harrouff said that he went on The Dr. Phil Show to humanize his son and let people know that Austin was a normal college student before things went very wrong that August night.

“I have been betrayed by so many reporters. I wanted the chance to humanize my son to diffuse all the negative information that has been published about him.”

More than anything, Dr. Harrouff wants to talk to Austin, a sophomore at FSU, himself to find out what happened that night after he walked out of a family dinner at the local restaurant, Duffy’s. Dr. Harrouff says that he does not believe that Austin, who was a high school football player and a regular at the gym, used steroids.

As soon as detectives can question Austin Harrouff, his arrest will be official.

Do you think that Austin Harrouff had a breakdown, or do you think all of this is a result of drug use?

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