‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Unexpected Death Leads To Character Exit?

Days of Our Lives fans are sadly counting down the days until the beloved character of Theresa Donovan is gone from Salem for good. Actress Jen Lilley has confirmed that she’s leaving the NBC soap opera and that her character will soon be gone from the show.

Of course, Days of Our Lives viewers are wondering how the soap will write Theresa out of the storyline, especially since she’s such a huge character. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there is a good chance Theresa will leave town because of a shocking and unexpected death. The report suggests that it’s just too hard to imagine Theresa abandoning her young son, Tate, and taking off. It’s also difficult to believe that Theresa would take Tate with her, and away from his beloved father, Brady Black. Could this mean that poor baby Tate is going to be written off the show as well?

The website claims that Tate may actually be killed off. DOOL fans can hardly imagine the emotional scenes that would lay ahead if another child were to be killed off the show. As many viewers will remember, Bo and Hope’s young son, Zack, was tragically killed after Bo’s daughter, Chelsea, hit him with her car. Zack’s death was one of the most raw, emotional, and powerful storylines on the soap opera. Seeing yet another child die would be devastating to many viewers.

Days of Our LIves spoilers: Brady and Theresa's relationship to end.
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Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that there is a cancer storyline in the works, and that possibly Theresa or Tate could be the unlucky character to be dealing with the deadly disease. Jen Lilley is expected to end her stint at Theresa Donovan in November and fans are already dreading her departure.

Meanwhile, Jen Lilley has confirmed that her character exited the show with a possibility of a return. This means that Theresa is likely alive and well when she leaves Salem. However, soap opera fans know that the dead often return as well. CDL confirms that Theresa and Brady will part ways on good terms when the character leaves, but it will be another failed relationship for Brady.

Unfortunately, Brady continues to be unlucky in love. After being married to Chloe Lane, the two divorced as a result of Brady’s drug abuse issues. He’s dated many women, such as Nicole Walker, Ariana Hernandez, Kristen DiMera, and others. However, he’s yet to find his true love. As Brady Black is one of Days of Our Lives’ legacy characters, many viewers are impatient for him to find his one true love.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Theresa to leave Salem in November.
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Meanwhile, Brady, Theresa, and the rest of Salem’s residents are currently being terrorized by the three recently-escaped convicts. Clyde Weston, Xander Cook, and Milo Harp, aka Orpheus, have all broken out of prison and have returned to Salem to carry out a revenge plan. Xander has it out for Nicole and Theresa, and Clyde is gunning for his ex-girlfriend, Kate Roberts.

All the while, Orpheus is ready to make his many enemies pay. Roman Brady, John Black, Marlena Evans, Steve Johnson, and all of their family members are on Orpheus’ hit list as he seeks revenge for the those who had a hand in the death of his wife decades earlier.

The three escaped prisoners are all still hanging around Salem, and have created a huge manhunt. Although it seems that they’ll eventually be caught, the three will try to off some of their enemies before heading back behind bars, and likely away from Salem forever.

Recently, news dropped that actors Christie Clark and Austin Peck would be returning to Days of Our Lives as fan-favorite couple Carrie Brady and Austin Reed. The two are expected to return sometime before the winter. This will help fill the void that some fans will surely feel at the loss of Theresa and her separation with Brady.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Tate’s life is in jeopardy?

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