‘Project Runway’ Guest Judge Emily Ratajkowski Battles Tim Gunn On Taste And Being Naked On The Red Carpet While Zac Posen Escorts Actress To The Emmys

'Project Runway' Guest Judge Emily Ratajkowski Battles Tim Gunn On Taste While Zac Posen Escorts Actress To The Emmys|Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Has this become battle of the Project Runway stars? Emily Ratajkowski spent last week defending a dress that Project Runway “make it work” mentor and occasional Fashion Police expert Tim Gunn publicly called “vulgar.” Then as the actress and model attended the Emmys with none other than Project Runway judge and designer Zac Posen as her date. Turns out, Posen designed her stunning dress and was there to hold her hand and make sure her dress looked fabulous the entire night. Not only did Zac hold her hand, he twirled her and fluffed up her train to make sure she looked perfect on the red carpet. Was Posen trying to help her undo any of the bad publicity that Ratajkowski received from Gunn’s public take down? Most importantly, Emily Ratajkowski is a Project Runway judge for this season of the show, Season 15. Should fans be concerned that she does not have that level of style and taste that is expected from a Project Runway guest judge? And who did the actress insult after the Emmys that may have undone all of the good publicity her new dress created for her?

What started this whole chain of events was a dress that Tim Gunn called vulgar.” Designed by British Fashion Designer of the Year winner and former Givenchy chief designer, Julien MacDonald, this shiny black backless and sleeveless dress had two long straps that barely covered her breasts and met at Ratajkowski’s navel. Very little was left to the imagination as the remaining dress appeared to ride low on her back. Appeared is because there are no photos taken of her back in this dress. They all focused on the front side of the dress that fit snugly along her curves, showing ample skin and cleavage. The irony of this gown is that was was that was worn to an event for the high fashion magazine Bazaar when it appeared that this dress mimicked a retro Cosmopolitan magazine cover during the height of the Helen Gurley Brown era.

It did not take long before Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn was asked for his opinion. He has been busy promoting Season 15 of Project Runway. Inquisitr has reported that he has been outspoken about the fashion industry ignoring the fashion needs of most American women by writing a piece in the Washington Post. In this essay, he also criticized the Season 14 collection by winner Ashley Nell Tipon. He called her plus size collection “hideous.” Then he created more headlines by calling Kanye West’s Yeezy NYFW line as “basic” and “dumb,” confessing that the Kardashians hate him and Kanye was sure to as well.

On a roll, Tim Gunn did not mince words when he gave his unfiltered, scathing critique on the Fashion Police regarding the dress Project Runway Season 15 guest judge Ratajkowski wore.

“If I saw this at a party, all I could do would be to drink. I couldn’t eat! There’s absolutely no way! This dress is so appallingly vulgar and revealing. Why wear anything? Whey not just take it all off?! Yikes! “

Then, Nene Leakes pointed out to Tim that she was not exposing nipple like Kim Kardashian often does. Tim quickly retorted that he did not believe that the latest social media craze was shocking. Tim Gunn believes this trend is just plain vulgar.

“Is this all driven by social media? Is this about getting everyone shocked? I am not shocked. I lived through the 1960’s. No decade was more shocking than that when it comes to fashion. It’s just vulgar and repugnant.”

Could Tim possibly be referring to a recent photo of Emily and Kim Kardashian posing for a topless selfie together. This post was aimed at the haters who did not approve of Kim’s previous topless selfie. Emily was there to support her. In the photo, both of Emily’s middle fingers shot straight up in the air, while Kim’s free hand did the same. Kim did need to use her other hand to take the photo. Could this be their unfiltered response to Tim Gunn and to others that criticized Kim’s naked selfies?

Emily’s social media response was adamant in defending herself.

“Western men in 2016: Want to ban women abroad from voluntarily covering themselves at the beach then want women to cover up their “vulgar” bodies at home.”

Yet, not so long after this scathing put down by Tim Gunn, and her social media retort, what did Emily wear to her next red carpet? A beautiful gold and pretty much covered up pantsuit. Strapless, with just a tasteful hint of cleavage that even Tim would consider tasteful, the actress looked gorgeous and classy and yes, sexy. Safe to say, if she was at a party with Tim Gunn, he could comfortably eat his food!

Yet, when it came to the Emmys, Emily really showed that she was the opposite of vulgar. She was classy and gorgeous. She wore a navy blue Zac Posen mermaid gown. She also attended the event with Project Runway judge. Zac held her hand and walked the red carpet with her. This was a visual display of solidarity. Not only did she wear this gorgeous dress by Posen, but she is also a Project Runway guest judge this season. That episode has yet to be aired. By aligning herself with Posen, the actress and model is demonstrating that she does have good taste, has connections in the fashion industry and is a style icon.

Zac Posen appeared to have a fabulous time at the event. He ruffled her train and even gave her a little twirl, to better show off the movement and beauty of the gown for the cameras. Her styling included slicked back hair and strong eyes, with an alluring blue eyeliner. She wore 10 times the fabric in this gown compared to the “vulgar” dress, and she looked 100 times more glamorous, appealing, and sexy.

There is no indication if Zac Posen contacted her after her public fashion faux pas, or if she contacted him or if she had already planned on wearing one of his gowns before Tim Gunn’s stark comments. No matter what, she looked amazing. And the Creative Director for Brooks Brothers looked dapper and was an ever charming companion as he fanned her on the red carpet!

Yet, all of this good press may have been destroyed when after the ceremony, the Gone Girl actress was asked about the PB&J sandwiches Jimmy Kimmel’s mom made as part of a comedy sketch on the awards show. Mrs. Kimmel made 7000 sandwiches and put them into brown paper sacks. Jimmy handed them out to the actors to help fatten the skinny actors a bit. When asked about the sandwiches, TMZ reported that the actress was not a fan.

“You know what? I had one too many bites. I regret it. They weren’t that good, actually.”

After some hesitation, she then said finally said something complimentary, realizing that she lost her opportunity to be funny or lighthearted about the skit.

“I appreciated the effort.”

Which dress are you a fan of? The revealing dress that Tim Gunn called “vulgar” or the Emmys navy mermaid dress designed by Zac Posen?

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]