‘Dark Souls 3’: New DLC ‘Ashes Of Ariandel’ Shows Gameplay, New Enemies, & More

It’s time to fight, struggle, and die again.

Dark Souls 3 continues to rack up the kill count as players die and battle their way through increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. Developer FromSoftware has received positive reception for the game, and it’s been discovered that new DLC is making its way to Dark Souls 3. If you feel as if you’ve explored every nook and cranny, lit every bonfire, and felled every menacing enemy, there’s a new batch of content headed your way to once again light the fires of battle. However, be aware that the trailer could potentially give some of the surprise away.

According to a report by Tech Times, FromSoftware has released a new DLC gameplay trailer for Dark Souls 3. The DLC is titled Ashes of Ariandel, and players will be happy to know that there’s some nostalgia to be had. FromSoftware has not released too much information on what players can expect. Additionally, it’s said that there may be some spoilers that will pertain to Ashes of Ariandel. With this in mind, players are cautioned to tread carefully when viewing the trailer and getting a sneak peek at what the new DLC will hold.

The most noticeable aspect of Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel seems to be the open environment. While the base game gives players to move around in open areas, they are somewhat linear in execution. Ashes of Ariandel appears to be taking a different route from this; the land is expansive, seemingly coaxing players to explore in any and every direction at any point. We’re introduced to weather elements, as well. Vision seems obscured past a certain point, suggesting surprise when one might least expect it.

In a report by Polygon, Hidetaka Miyazaki goes into small details about Ashes of Ariandel and its feel. It’s established early on that Miyazaki wants the DLC to stand apart from the base game.

“It’s very mysterious and a little bit unique,” Hidetaka states. According to him, the concept of the new content will revolve around having a Gothic flavor. Not only that, but such a theme will be included in this DLC and another that is set to come out sometime in 2017. Dark Souls 3 takes on many appearances as the player transitions through the game. We’re exposed to cathedrals, swamps, and other structures that add to the elements of the game’s older look. Every manor of man and beast occupy these locations, so it’s almost guaranteed that Miyazaki will also be bringing about new baddies for players to contend with.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel will introduce new enemies that already give the DLC a new level of caution and how to approach aggressors. Polygon reveals that we’re introduced to packs of wolves. With Ashes being set in a snowy environment, this seems to be expected. But what occurs is something else: the packs seem to pick and choose when to attack, putting players on edge when journeying in the open world.

“The wolf packs alone are definitely bringing a new gameplay experience,” Miyazaki commented.

The new area is called “The Painted World of Ariandel.” If you’ve played the first Dark Souls, you’ll remember a location called the “Painted World of Ariamis”. Is there coincidence here? Miyazaki weighs in on the two areas.

“It is taking place in the Painted World, but it’s taking place in a different Painted World,” Hidetaka begins. “However, there are some connections between this Painted World and the one from the original Dark Souls. The reason I decided to return to the Painted World is because it matches with the theme I’m trying to describe in the first DLC. Players should be able to understand the reason as they play the DLC.”

With new boss battles, enemies, and changes, Dark Souls 3 will have new life breathed into it. Ashes of Ariandel will launch on October 26 of this year, retailing at $14.99.

[Featured Image by FromSoftware]