‘Power’ Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: ‘I Call The Shots’ Sets Tone For Explosive Upcoming Season Finale

Power returned this week with a bang, and now fans are sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting the upcoming season finale. For those who missed it, Power added more fuel to the fire with a series of less-than-desirable circumstances for everyone involved. As many avid Power fans know, Ghost has been under the watchful eye of Milan for some time, but after much thought, he was able to come up with what seemed to be a surefire plan to get rid of his new rival. Although the plan was well thought out, things didn’t go according to schedule.

According to International Business Times, the episode titled, “I Call the Shots,” begins with Ghost putting his plan into motion. He and Tommy met to discuss Milan’s areas of operation. Tommy offered an indirect answer to all of Ghost’s questions because, of course, he no longer trusts his estranged friend. When Tommy leaves, it’s obvious Ghost is plotting.

The scenes shift to Angela using Hugo’s phone that Ghost gave her to track down the dirty cop in her office. Initially, she contemplates reaching out to the unknown FBI agent. So, she sends a text. When she decides to call the number, Sandoval answers from his office and says nothing. While silence remains on the line, both Angela and Sandoval can hear the helicopter flying over the building. At this point, Angela is able to confirm the phone is, indeed, a burner phone that belongs to the dirty cop. Then, Sandoval hangs up without saying a word.

Then, Agents Knox and Medina pay a visit to Tommy’s mom. As expected, Knox has ulterior motives. While snooping through her things, he notices a card in the trash can. When he picks it up, he realizes it belongs to Angela, which only fuels his desire to drag her down even more.

Tariq’s saga begins with him being interrogated by Dre. Although Dre repeatedly tells Tariq to be wary of Kanan, who he only knows as Slim, he ignores the warning and continues his brotherhood with him. Of course, many Power fans know this road will only lead to problems for both Tariq and Dre. Tariq could end up in lots of trouble or dead, and Dre is going to have to answer to Ghost when the truth comes out.

Angela then meets with Ghost to discuss the Lobos case. When Angela asks how he knows so much about the case and who informed him, she figures out Proctor is the middle man. Of course, their discussion ends quickly with an irritated Angela walking off. The scene shifts to Angela and Knox, who are working “together against each other.” Although they’ve reconciled their relationship, both have ulterior motives with hopes of one bringing down the other.

As the episode continues, Ghost works to tie up loose ends with Milan by using Ruiz to bait police and push the blame on Milan. But, before the ball starts rolling, he’s confronted by Tommy yet again. Milan informed him that Ghost had followed him to the warehouse a few nights prior. Although the two had words, Ghost made sure to get Ruiz a meeting with Milan to solidify his plan. Then, Ghost convinces Ruiz to meet with Knox and agree to wear a wire during a meeting with Milan. Knox demands that Ruiz make sure he can incriminate Ghost by his real name, James St. Patrick, in order to tie him and Tommy to the drug syndicate. Ruiz agrees and although Knox thinks he has things figured out, Ghost has another plan in motion.

He also warned Tommy that he would die if Ghost didn’t stop plotting. Once again, Tommy demanded that Ghost stop whatever plans he had. But, of course, threats have never stopped Ghost.

Unfortunately, the plan goes left when Ghost tells Tasha his intentions. While laying in bed together after a groundbreaking love scene, Ghost and Tasha begin to discuss everything happening around them. He reveals his plan to take down Milan. Since Milan threatened her and her children if Ghost retaliated, Tasha adamantly refuses to agree with the plan. Fearful of her family’s safety, she reveals everything to Tommy in hopes that he can derail the plan before it’s too late. However, Tasha still has no clue it was Tommy who killed her best friend on Milan’s order.

Ruiz had successfully made it through the meeting with Milan while wearing a wire, but things took a horrible turn when he rode home with Tommy. Tommy incriminates himself by admitting to Ruiz that he and Ghost killed Lobos. Then, when he pulls the car over, he stabs and kills Ruiz. Unaware of the button wire he had on, he leaves his body in an abandoned vehicle with the incriminating audio.

After the murder, he meets with Ghost again to let him know he’s derailed another one of his plans. But, before Ghost can explain, Tommy makes it clear he’s no longer calling the shots. Tommy then returns to Milan’s warehouse and pledges his allegiance to the drug kingpin and announces that it’s time to take out Ghost.


Meanwhile, Knox is still on the chase, hoping to catch Angela slipping up when he stumbles upon Sandoval leaving one of Lobos’ apartments in plain clothing. Immediately, the questionable activity catches his attention and it’s obvious the walls are slowly caving in on Sandoval. The scorching hot episode left fans on edge with so many unanswered questions.

In fact, many find it hard to fathom how so many issues can be resolved in one hour. Then, there’s the fact that Ghost still has no clue Kanan is actually alive. He and Tasha have been so busy with the drama centered around Milan, they haven’t noticed Tariq straying further and further away. There’s so much to look forward to with the upcoming finale and it’s only seven days away.

The Season 3 finale of Power airs next Sunday, Sept. 25 at 9/8C on STARZ.

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