Casey Anthony: Defense Attorney Cheney Mason Says His Client Got Away ‘With Justice,’ Not Murder

Whenever the name Casey Anthony surfaces in the news, it elicits strong emotions. Five years after the acquittal in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, there are many who strongly believe that Anthony got away with murder. One of her defense attorneys, Cheney Mason, who worked on the case pro bono says it’s not so; he said his client got away with justice — not murder.

Mason is, in his mind, certain that Anthony is innocent, and since the trial, both he and his wife have helped his client move on with her life. The attorney said that Anthony deserves to live as normal a life as possible. She now works as a legal researcher from her home in Florida, and Mason describes her as a “wizard with a computer” who’s “doing fine,” reported the Orlando Sentinel.

Recently, Mason was interviewed by Greg Warmoth on a Sunday, September 18, episode of Central Florida Spotlight, on WFTV Channel 9. Mason, who considers himself an excellent judge of character, said he knows that Anthony didn’t kill her child. He considers her to be a good person and says that people who meet her, like her, but despite being found not guilty, there will always be those who hold the opinion that Casey is guilty. Mason, reportedly, added that Caylee had been well cared for. When queried on how Caylee died, Mason replied that it was likely an accidental drowning.

“I’ve never seen anything hateful about Casey… She [Casey] is likable, gets along well with my wife… Everybody that’s met her likes her.”

Per Warmoth, Mason is now supporting Casey both emotionally and financially. He has a commitment to her that goes beyond the one that attorneys usually have with their clients, and he sees himself as a surrogate grandfather in her life. Mason added that Anthony is no longer afraid to go outside, and when she does, she might not be recognized while walking down the street.

“She wants to go on with her life, and I am dedicated to help her do that. All that work in trial, I’m not going to let her go now. I want to see her be successful.”


Jeff Ashton, the then prosecutor, according to Mason, was intent on the death penalty, and Casey was also guilty in the court of public opinion. Mason helped Casey because she asked him to and because one of her defense attorneys, Jose Baez was, in Mason’s opinion, unfairly criticized by the media, added the Orlando Sentinel. Mason stated that he urged the news to write an expose on Ashton’s life, but it never materialized. Ashton was elected state attorney after the Anthony case, but lost in the August primary to Aramis Ayala.

More recently, accusations have also been made by private investigator, Dominic Casey, who worked for Baez. Dominic Casey said that he arrived at work one day to discover a naked Casey Anthony. Dominic Casey also stated that Baez had sex with Anthony in exchange for legal services, and Baez, subsequently, threatened a lawsuit. He also “unequivocally” denied that he had sex with his client, reported People. Another claim that Dominic Casey made was that Anthony had admitted to Baez that she had killed Caylee and disposed of her body. Dominic Casey also alleged that Baez said that he had to get to the body before anyone else.

Casey Anthony now leads a quiet life and has found a friendship with Mason that will last a lifetime. Those who believe she’s guilty will continue believing it, but it seems that Anthony has made her peace with this.

[Featured Image by Joe Burbank/Getty Images]