'Call Of Duty' Team Splyce Pick Up Players Jurd And Joshh, Release Rated And Joee

It seems as though there's trouble in Paradise for Call of Duty team Splyce.

If you've been following eSports, it's easy enough to see that there's quite a bit of gain to be had when considering a professional career in gaming and its competitions. Such is the goal of Splyce, a top European Call of Duty team and Call of Duty World Championship 2016 runner-up.

In a report by ESPN, we learn of the roster changes that Splyce has made to its players. We see that Splyce has chosen to remove slayers Rhys "Rated" Price and Joseph "Joee" Pinnington. Slayers play a specific role in combat, bringing up the gun skill of the team. They fill multiple roles, fitting in where need be to help ensure victory. With Rated and Joee removed from place, Splyce has opted to pick up Joshua-Lee "Joshh" Sheppard. Interestingly enough, Joshh had been released from Splyce only days prior. Additionally, former Millenium slayer Jordan "Jurd" Crowley has joined the team.

Squad member Ben "Bance" Bance will retain his position. Bance weighs in on the roster change, crediting his decision to remove Joshh out of impulse decision-making.

"It was an on-the-spot decision, straight away, without having any kind of thought process into it, so we dropped him," Bance stated.

"But after thinking about it, I wanted to pick Joshh back up. The whole reason is because me and Joshh have teamed for the whole of the year and we have had success in three different rosters. Me and him, more or less, just bounce off each other really well so I don't really want to leave him when I've had so much success with him."
It makes sense that Splyce's Bance would want to keep the team synergy, though Splyce wasn't quite successful in taking 1st place in Los Angeles. He continued to weigh in on the team, specifically how they performed in the championship setting.

"Obviously second is good in everyone's eyes, but that was a short-term team," the Pro player says. "If we thought about long-term, going into the next game (Infinite Warfare) and trying to learn a game where some people don't agree with others and where some people don't enjoy each other's company, it would made the team morale low and no one would've wanted to play Call of Duty."

The chemistry between player and team is critical to victory. Bance proves this with dominating the World Championship 2016. According to a report by Redbull, Bance was the MVP who performed exceptionally well during games.

Bance had this to say about Jurd's addition to the team.

"They've both had success in the past from Ghosts and other titles and [Jurd] is arguably the best player in Europe," Bance begins. "He brings the slaying power that we need."

Of course, eSports requires a great teamwork to dominate other groups that are as much a threat as Splyce. Millenium, FaZe Clan, FAB Games Esports, and Team eLevate are among the notable teams that Splyce had to contend with in the past.

Will Bance have as much success with the new roster as he would hope? He seems to believe that it could only get better. Splyce is currently seeking a fourth, hanging on the hopes that the competition will only grow more fierce in later matches.

"Team change was necessary and hopefully with the right fourth, we can beat the expectations of what people think now, because they're thinking we can't get a better team than World Championship. But I feel like we can."
What do you think of Team Splyce? Do you believe that Bance made the right choice in changing the roster? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Rob Stothard/Getty Images]