Donald Trump Hates 'Eating Crow' So He Lies About Hillary Clinton Starting 'Birtherism' At The Same Time

After years of Donald Trump helping to lead, grow, and nurture the then fringe "birther" movement, as the Inquisitr has reported, the billionaire has finally admitted that our nation's first black president was actually born in America.

Donald Trump's current position as the Republican pick for the White House is up against the clock, with only weeks away from a world-changing election where he's been pressured by the media to do many things. Lately, the media pressured him to finally admit that President Barack Hussein Obama was born in the United States.

Mr. Trump's campaign has set the tone in this 2016 election year for planting the seeds of doubt among the electorate. He said that he is going to build a wall along the Mexican-American border in order to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States, and with just as much determination, to prevent Syrian refugees who are fleeing violence from also entering the country.

For the most part, Donald Trump's platform has been built on tightening security due to terrorism. But what cannot be ignored is the broad view his campaign has to its immigration policy that left many people scratching their heads.

The only thing to fill in the lack of details are the records of the rhetoric that Donald Trump himself -- along with those in his campaign -- have been pushing out for at least a year since he started running.

One can take the "birther" movement as the example of him "building a wall" of doubt in order to discredit immigrants and even the first black president of the United States, which has been a major contribution to the obstruction coming from the right against getting anything done in Washington.

While Donald Trump has been silent, his "lot" have been very vocal about not believing that the President was born in the United States, which is specifically designed to discredit and devalue Barack Obama's presidency throughout both of his terms.

Weeks before, an avid and loyal supporter for Donald Trump, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews in an interview that made headlines. They got into a heated discussion about Donald Trump's campaign finally admitting that he was born in the U.S.

What Chris Matthews was surprised at was that Donald Trump had apparently finally admitted that the President was American-born but hadn't publicly admitted it. But Giuliani claimed that Donald Trump had already admitted to it a few years before, which could not be verified or didn't make enough headlines for it to ring true.

An extremely popular figure who had been leading the controversial "birther" conspiracy admitting to the President being born in America - surely that would have made headlines. But Giuliani was adamant and it only made Matthews hardball him even harder.

Hillary Clinton is now blamed for the birther controversy, because Donald Trump said so.
Donald Trump's campaign and his supporters will continue to blame Hillary Clinton for starting the "birther" controversy for eternity because Donald Trump said so. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP images]

During that interview, Giuliani turned to blame Hillary Clinton's campaign for being the person who started the "birther" movement, to which Matthews said that their producers figured he would say that and so they checked to find there was no evidence to Giuliani's accusations.

Giuliani would not commit to speaking for Donald Trump then as to whether he was going to publicly admit to the actual proven origins of the President's birth. But now that Donald Trump has publicly admitted to this, he has also brought up the same claim that Matthews says they could not verify - that Hillary Clinton was the one who started the conspiracy.

Of course, Donald Trump also brought that up in his statement before he admitted to the President being a native-born American in order to save face because he didn't want to look weak. As a matter of fact, he looked as if the crow he was forced to eat was way off.

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