Barry Williams And Maureen McCormick: Inside Their Real Life ‘Brady Bunch’ Romance

Barry Williams has long made it known that he would love to compete on Dancing With the Stars, but for now, he can offer his support to his TV sister, Maureen McCormick. E! News posted a video of Maureen’s recent debut on the celebrity ballroom competition where her Brady Bunch mom and fellow DWTS alum Florence Henderson cheered her on. Henderson was in the front row of the audience on opening night, and now fans are hoping to see Barry Williams swoop in to show his support for Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, too.

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Williams is no stranger to groovy moves and he once said he would be “perfect” for DWTS, but he has never been asked to do the show.

“I have been declined a couple of times,” Williams admitted to Pop Matters. “I put it out there. I think I’m perfect for the show. I think I’m a lot better known than most of the people on that show. And I’d have a ball doing it.”

Williams, who still makes his living performing and working in musical theater, made a cameo during Henderson’s season of Dancing with the Stars, and he could now heat up the ballroom with Maureen, whom he had a fling with back in their Brady days in the early 1970s, as she sets out to dance the quickstep to The Brady Bunch theme on DWTS’ TV theme songs week.

On a blog post for XFinity, McCormick wrote that Barry is a great entertainer.

“I don’t know if people are aware of it, but Barry is a terrific performer,” the actress wrote.

“He has always reminded me of a younger Tom Jones. Both have curly hair, sex appeal and the ability to shake it. Back when we did the Brady variety show, he was very into it. He took it more seriously than anyone. In fact, he was so angry at me because I wasn’t into it. He thought the two of us could be another Donny and Marie.”

McCormick also revealed that when they were teens, Williams’ father hoped they would have a long lasting romance.

“Barry’s father had always wanted us to get married,” she wrote. “I can’t imagine that arrangement would’ve turned out …but you know what? Once you have a crush, you’ll always have that crush.”

Of course, their relationship was a little more than an innocent teen crush. McCormick wrote about her romance with Williams in her 2008 memoir, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding my True Voice, and she went into detail about her make-out sessions with her TV brother. According to the New York Daily News, the now 60-year-old actress recalled making out with Barry at his house when she was 16-years-old.

“Oh, my God! I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing?” McCormick wrote.

“I was ready to lose my virginity to Barry, and it might have happened one night at his house if not for his parents busting in on us.”

Indeed, Barry Williams has echoed the story about his lust for his teen TV sister. In an interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now, Barry revealed that he was McCormick’s first kiss. The teen stars first locked lips while shooting the classic sitcom’s famous Hawaii episodes in Season 4. Williams said there was a full moon and he and Maureen took a walk on the beach before he planted one on her.


The red hot teen romance reached its peak when Barry and Maureen were filming the Brady Bunch episode in which Greg and Marcia are fighting over who gets the attic bedroom. According to Maureen’s book, she and Barry couldn’t keep their hands off each during a scene when they were sitting on a bed. The teen stars’ real life tension made it difficult to shoot the scene.

On his blog The Greg Brady Project, Williams confirmed that McCormick’s description of their romantic relationship was accurate.

“This is not a Brady book per se but I did manage to get a fair amount of ink in it,” Barry wrote of Here’s the Story.

“She speaks very highly of me and our hormonally charged relationship as teenagers. She accurately describes the condition our condition was in and just how far it went (which wasn’t quite far enough for my young passion). Still, thanks to the way it was written I come off as romantic and a gentleman (instead of a cad) and we did share genuine affection. Maureen and I literally grew up together and I consider myself a life-long friend. She was one of my first true crushes…And I have to admit a part of me still has a bit of a crush on her.”

Take a look at a classic scene Brady Bunch scene with Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick.

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