WWE News: WWE, Ring Of Honor, Billy Corgan All Wanting To Buy TNA Impact Wrestling

It has been no surprise that Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan has been interested in buying TNA Impact Wrestling for a few months now. However, it now turns out that he has company. According to the New York Post, the WWE and Ring of Honor Wrestling's parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group, have also shown interest now. Billy Corgan still wants the chance.

"I would love nothing better than to stand up in front of everyone and give a clear picture of where this company is and where it's going... [but there are] a lot of people at the table."
Billy Corgan has a lot to prove when it comes to TNA Impact Wrestling. It was Corgan who fought for the Hardy Boyz recent fight at Final Deletion, where Broken Matt defeated Brother Nero at the Hardy compound. What could have been a huge embarrassment has resulted in the most watched TNA segment in years.

The segment has even resulted in WWE fans chanting "Delete" when Bubba Ray Dudley mentioned the Hardy Boyz as they announced their departure from the WWE on WWE Monday Night Raw. That might have clued Vince McMahon and the WWE in on the fact that TNA Impact Wrestling was actually attracting fans' attention again.

According to Forbes, both the WWE and Sinclair Broadcasting have put in bids to buy TNA Impact Wrestling. First of all, Sinclair Broadcasting is an interesting choice. At one point, both Ring of Honor and TNA Impact Wrestling shared a home on Destination America, but the cable network dropped TNA and Ring of Honor, who was only showing repeat episodes of their weekly show departed as well.

The big thing about Sinclair is that it is a broadcasting network. They own the network that airs the wrestling promotion that they own, so that is a great opportunity for them. If they were to purchase TNA Impact Wrestling, it could have a network that has more homes than their current home on Pop TV.

The WWE is an interesting proposition but could mean the end of TNA Impact Wrestling. At one time, WCW was bigger and more successful than the WWE, owned by Turner Broadcasting. However, when Turner underwent behind-the-scenes changes and the new management hated wrestling, they wanted to dump it.

The WWE bought WCW, Vince McMahon showed up in a surprise on WCW television, and then the show was canceled. It looked like the WWE might keep WCW alive by putting them on SmackDown but it never happened and WCW died.

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However, what the WWE bought was not WCW as an active wrestling promotion, but the library of matches and tapes. With so much history, including the hugely popular Monday Night Wars, it was a key acquisition when it comes to the new WWE Network.

That is where the value of TNA Impact Wrestling comes into play when it comes to the WWE's interest in the company. There is little chance that the WWE will want to run TNA Impact Wrestling as a promotion - at least not on cable television. The WWE already has NXT, so there is a chance that the WWE just buys all the video rights for the WWE Network and handpicks players to join NXT.

Because the WWE is a dangerous move for TNA Impact Wrestling fans, Billy Corgan might be the best hope to keep the promotion alive and running in the future. Sadly, TNA Impact Wrestling has a bad reputation and is on a little-seen network. The future is uncertain for TNA Impact Wrestling and the WWE might be the one to finally put it down.

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