Hillary Clinton's Health: Doctor Reveals He Performed Surgery On Clinton In January, Pneumonia Diagnosed In September

Tara West

Hillary Clinton is attempting to squash rumors that she is suffering from a series of serious illnesses by releasing new health records. The latest letter by Clinton's doctor reveals that the presidential hopeful suffers from a variety of minor ailments such as hyperthyroidism and seasonal allergies, but that she also underwent a minor surgery back in January. It was also revealed that Clinton's recent medical episode in New York City on 9/11 was due to a pneumonia diagnosis.

The US News and World Report reveals that Hillary Clinton's doctor has released a new letter indicating that the Democratic presidential hopeful is still fit to serve as POTUS following a health scare in New York City on 9/11. The doctor reveals that Mrs. Clinton's health was questioned after she was videoed staggering and nearly collapsing after leaving a 9/11 event in New York City early.

— Rick Zimmerman (@zimmerman_rick) September 13, 2016

Bardack notes that Clinton became "overheated", "dehydrated," and "dizzy" while at the 9/11 event and was treated by re-hydration. The doctor noted that Clinton was "recovering nicely" and that she has been examined multiple times since the incident.

— POLITICO (@politico) September 16, 2016

Despite the pneumonia diagnosis, Bardack says that Clinton is very health and absolutely fit to serve as Commander-in-Chief. In a bid for even more transparency about her condition, the doctor also noted that Clinton underwent an ear surgery back in January after suffering from a sinus and ear infection.

"The doctor examined her and confirmed she had a build-up of fluid in her left ear. That same month, she had a myringotomy to drain out the fluid."

— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) September 16, 2016

"The blood clot, which was in a vein in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear, led Clinton to spend a few days in New York-Presbyterian Hospital and take a month-long absence from the State Department for treatment."
"My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia."