All Five Bombs Found In NYC, New Jersey Used Flip Phones As Detonators, Investigators Reveal Startling Connections

Investigators have revealed a startling connection between five homemade bombs found in or near New York City. Two of the bombs detonated, leaving 29 people injured. While police have called the bombs an “act of terror,” they have not released information on any suspects. However, they did reveal that all five bombs may have been part of a coordinated effort, as they all used similar flip phones as a detonator.

Leaked video of the initial explosion in #Chelsea

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Pix11 reports that the areas surrounding New York City and the Seaside Park in New Jersey are on high alert after two homemade IEDs were discovered in Manhattan and three devices were discovered at the New Jersey park. One of the bombs exploded in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, leaving 29 people injured. A second bomb, made from a pressure cooker, was discovered a few blocks away but did not detonate. Similarly, three bombs were discovered in New Jersey near a marathon at Seaside Park. One bomb in New Jersey was detonated inside of a trash can; however, no one was injured during the explosion. The other two bombs did not detonate.

The bombs discovered in New Jersey were identified as “pipe bombs,” while the two bombs in New York City were described as “IEDs” and “pressure cooker bombs.” Authorities reveal that the bomb in the Manhattan neighborhood was detonated at around 8:30 pm EST on Saturday night. In total, 29 people sustained injuries, but all were declared minor, with the most serious injury described as “a puncture wound.”

The Manhattan bomb was just one in a serious of disturbing bomb findings in the area, as police in New Jersey were busy investigating an early bomb detonation at the Seaside Park. The bomb detonated in a trash can near the site of the Semper Five Run marathon. The bomb detonated shortly before the start of the race, but no one was injured. Following the explosion, two other pipe bombs were found in the surrounding area.

According to the Daily Mail, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie initially made a statement following the Manhattan bomb blasts that while both incidents appear to be “terrorism” he claimed that they “don’t appear to be linked.” However, as new information became available by investigators of both explosions, similarities have been revealed.

New information suggests that all five bombs discovered in New York and New Jersey used flip phones as a detonating device. The phones used in the attack were from similarly designed phones.

“All phones used as detonators were similar in design.”

In addition to having the same detonating device, old school flip phones, investigators revealed that in all five cases, the bomb maker seemed to lack the “know how” in creating the potentially deadly devices.

“All phones used as detonators were similar in design and officials say another similarity was the lack of know-how that went in to making the bombs.”


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio notes that they are still investigating the possibility of a connection between the five bombs, claiming that the authorities are “not taking any options off the table.”

“We do not have any specific evidence of a connection, but that will continue to be considered. We’re not taking any options off the table.”

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce notes that the situation is “a jigsaw puzzle out in the street” but notes that they are moving in the direction that the bombs are related.

“We don’t have everything in. Think of a jigsaw puzzle out in the street right now. Do we think they’re related? Yes, we have to move in that direction, but right now we’re not ready to make those calls yet.”

What do you think about the latest New York City bombing revelations that may connect the explosions to similar bombs found in New Jersey?

[Image by Andres Kudacki/AP Photo]