All Will Be lost If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Take Comedy Training Before Becoming President

It's quite possible that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not as uptight as the media has made her out to be. Certainly, everyone has a sense of humor, that, at the very least, they reveal in private.

Hillary Clinton can be funny but, it would be interesting to see if she can follow the stand-up comedy stylings of Barack Obama
Here is Clinton in 2007 when she's beginning to campaign for the presidency, in boring and unfunny black and white. [Image by Veni | Flickr | CC BY 2.0]

At the beginning of her campaign for this election cycle, the press would refer to Hillary Clinton as secretive and guarded from the American people. In many ways, she was seen as someone who would have a problem engaging with people, and as someone who likes to be in control.

This also seems to have some truth in it, as it seems to take a while she reveals much of what the public or press seem to want from her.

But a sense of humor is important. And while the media hasn't focused on her sense of humor, it's easy to see in some of her speeches -- such as when she began to cough during a speech and then ab-libbed that she gets allergic every time she thinks about Donald Trump.

Her running mate, Tim Kaine, is seen laughing in the background. Perhaps it was genuine laughter?

Hillary Clinton has also been on the late night circuit joking with comedic hosts, sometimes even doing bits.

Inquisitr took a look at President Obama's prospects after he leaves office, where one can view some of the moments when the president has been funny while in office, even though the jokes he was making were written by others, such as when he was doing stand-up at the annual White House Correspondents Dinners, showing that he clearly has his delivery down, making it appear as if the material were his own.

It was that president, however, who set the precedent of the Commander-in-Chief doing his own stand up at those annual dinners. In the video provided, he was clearly relying on the pauses to do his own stand up.

So it would be a great disappointment to many Americans if Hillary Clinton were not able to be funny on the podium, or deliver the material as Obama has, which is why it would be a good idea for her staff to consider giving her some stand-up comedy training at some point.

It's also been said that the Hillary Clinton candidacy has broken the glass ceiling in order for America to possibly elect its first woman president. But for obvious reasons, that isn't what is motivating the campaign, as it's also been said that people have gotten used to seeing Hillary Clinton, the politician, and less of Hillary, the woman.

This leads to a belief that female comedians are not as funny as their male counterparts. Culturally, they have a problem with gaining acceptance in stand-up comedy. And while it's gotten better, it's still an obstacle that women have to overcome.

Being a stand-up comedian in order to become president isn't mandatory, of course, but a politician who speaks to the populace needs something in their back pocket to be able to score more points for their image. President Hillary Clinton, stand-up comedian, wouldn't be so bad.

If Hillary Clinton were to go for the "funny," wouldn't it be interesting to see her do more physical comedy than just written jokes, as President Obama has? It would also be interesting to ask her who her favorite comedians are.

Al Franken and Sarah Silverman can help Hillary Clinton with her stand up routine.
Senator Al Franken (left) was a comedian on Saturday Night Live before he got into politics. He standing next to working comedian Sarah Silverman (right) at the Democratic National Convention to encourage everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton. [Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]

It would be even more interesting if she were to say Maria Bamford, or even Sarah Silverman, which could explain why she was invited to the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary Clinton could do more than one or two guest appearances on Saturday Night Live, as she did last season. Perhaps she could even host a show and spend a week with the cast? Maybe if she were to fit that into her pre-November schedule, as she's apparently hinted at returning to the late night show, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hillary Clinton won't have to aim for those annual dinners.

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