'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Logan Miller Talks The Kingdom

One of the most exciting The Walking Dead spoilers that fans were looking forward to last season was is the reveal of Negan and his army of troops. However, just as exciting as that was for fans of The Walking Dead comics, this season promises more excitement with the reveal of The Kingdom and its leader, Ezekial.

While The Walking Dead spoilers are hard to come by from legitimate sources, there are always people on the lookout for any clues they can spot to hint at what we can expect in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. ComicBook.com nabbed a few words from actor Logan Miller about the arrival next season of The Kingdom.

As an introduction, Logan Miller is an actor who will play a newcomer to The Walking Dead in Season 7 and is, as he describes himself, "one of the important soldiers there." Possibilities for Miller are characters like Gus, Richard, Marcus, and Benjamin. Like most The Walking Dead cast members, Miller was careful about what he had to say about the upcoming season.
"It's crazy, everybody knows Ezekiel and the Kingdom from the comics. I think depicting that on screen, it has a crazy world to it that almost feel to me very Mad Max-ish or like living in the realm of the Thunder Dome or Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness situation."
There are a lot of The Walking Dead spoiler sites whose entire existence is to completely spoil the entire next season for people and ruin any surprises that might be in store. That is one of the reasons that the number one question heading into Season 7 is not so interesting anymore.

That is the question of who Negan killed at the end of Season 6. Thanks to many of these sites, ran by people who hate to be surprised by any events in TV shows, it looks like the name or names of the victims of Negan and his bat Lucille has been spoiled already. Since that is no longer a surprise, it is already the least interesting part of the next season of The Walking Dead spoilers.

With the names of the victims, which won't be mentioned here, ruined for many people online, that leads people to secondary The Walking Dead spoilers, such as the arrival of Ezekial and The Kingdom.

For people who don't read the comics, Ezekiel leads his faction called The Kingdom as a good and honorable leader. It is Ezekiel that Rick goes to when he wants an ally to battle Negan down the line and it is the Kingdom that really helps Rick overcome the next evil, setting up the big battle after that with a future group called The Whisperers. Miller believes that Ezekiel will be a huge addition to the characters on The Walking Dead.

"Ezekiel is a fantastical character, seeing him it, kind of blowing the veil back and seeing what he's actually about, I think fans are really going enjoy. He's such a unique character, it's going to bring some heightened drama I suppose to The Walking Dead."


While wondering who Negan killed is not that interesting anymore thanks to The Walking Dead spoiler sites, there is still some things that fans might want to know about Negan. The Inquisitr previously reported that there is a good chance that Daryl is involved in a complicated storyline with Negan through the next season.

There is also the fact that Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly recently that Negan is not really a villain. According to Kirkman, there are communities that are not enemies with Negan, which puts Rick and company in some real danger.

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