Kylie Jenner, Tyga Engagement: Kim Kardashian Preventing Wedding Out Of Jealousy?

With all the rumors concerning Kylie Jenner's supposed engagement to rapper Tyga, Kim Kardashian is reportedly reaching out to her sister, telling her to slow down, fearing that the 19-year-old is rushing into something she's not one hundred percent sure about herself.

For the past couple of months, sources have alleged that Kylie has strongly considered the idea of tying the knot with Tyga, which is also said to have been a conversation the twosome have had quite frequently in the last couple of weeks.

Jenner has heavily hinted that she might already be engaged, In Touch confirms, having worn a diamond ring that was said to have been gifted by the GOOD Music-signed artist two weeks ago.

According to Hollywood Life, however, Kim has made the necessary step in talking to Kylie Jenner, because she doesn't want the socialite to end up getting married and then realizing that she made a mistake — similar to what Kim did around the same age as Jenner.

Having found herself married three times, the 35-year-old mother of two knows a thing or two when it comes to marriage and tying the knot with someone that one knows isn't the ideal guy for them, but being under pressure can sometimes lead to unexpected outcomes.

That's why Kim wants Kylie Jenner to stop hinting at a possible future wedding with Tyga. She's too young to even consider the idea of tying the knot with the 26-year-old — and Kim's also taking into consideration how many times the twosome have broken up in the past year, which is more than a handful.

There's no denying that Kylie's career has skyrocketed in the past two years. Her lip kit line is generating millions in revenue every single year while her clothing collection with Pac Sun and Topshop bring in similar numbers on a quarterly basis.

Instead of worrying about when she's going to walk down the aisle, Kim Kardashian's only argument is for Kylie Jenner to use this time to really focus on growing her empire, having already established a great business plan that is making the 19-year-old quite a fortune.

"Kim is advising Kylie to pump the brakes on an engagement, and urging her not to follow in her footsteps when it comes to getting married at a young age," the source reveals. "Kim is proud of everything Kylie has accomplished in life and has been warning her that she can continue to have a wonderful life and a healthy relationship without being engaged or married to Tyga, 26."

While Kylie is always willing to listen to the advice her family gives her, she's always going to end up doing what she considers is best for her at that time, so if she feels the need in wanting to get married now, Kim is not going to stop her from doing that, the source added.

"Kylie is stubborn. On the one hand, she respects Kim and her advice, but on the other, she wants to be free to make her own choices."
The engagement rumors come just months after it was revealed that Tyga has officially moved into Kylie Jenner's newly-purchased home in Calabasas. The reality star felt it was important for the duo to live together following their breakup in May. Jenner is taking their reconciliation more seriously than ever before and wants to make sure they won't find themselves splitting up ever again.

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