Tom Hiddleston Looks Happy With Priyanka Chopra, May Run Into Taylor Swift At The Emmys

Tom Hiddleston isn't taking Taylor Swift to the Emmys as his date, but a recent report claims that Swift is going to show up to the event, anyway. Luckily for Tom, it looks he's found a welcome distraction from the Hiddleswift drama; he and Quantico star Priyanka Chopra were photographed looking pretty friendly ahead of the ceremony. They will likely present an Emmy Award together tonight.

According to the Daily Star Sunday (via the Mirror), Taylor Swift is on the Emmys guest list even though she has not been nominated for an award. Tom Hiddleston scored his first Emmy nod for his role in The Night Manager, so he'll definitely be in attendance tonight. He's allegedly hoping that Swift won't take advantage of her invite.

If Taylor does show up, she may spoil Tom's big moment by stealing the spotlight away from his impressive acting ability and placing it back on Hiddleswift.

"Taylor is still on the guest list. But everyone on Team Tom is hoping and praying she'll do the decent thing and stay at home and watch it on TV for his sake," a source revealed.

Another source told Hollywood Life that Taylor Swift doesn't harbor any ill will toward Tom Hiddleston, and she's actually rooting for her ex to win tonight.

"Taylor is well aware that the Emmys are this weekend and despite her split from Tom, she's still hoping he will win an Emmy," the insider revealed.

Swift allegedly thinks that Hiddleston is a "gifted actor" who is deserving of recognition. If this is true, it's highly unlikely that she'll risk ruining his night by showing up to the Emmys and making things awkward.

The Daily Star source claims that Tom Hiddleston hasn't recovered from his split from Taylor Swift and that seeing the "Bad Blood" singer would be painful for the actor.

"He is still shellshocked over their split and just setting eyes on her could send him into a tailspin," the insider said.

However, Heat Street reports that Tom wasn't heartbroken at all after he Taylor called it quits. A source close to the Thor: Ragnarok actor claimed that Tom dumped Taylor because he was growing "bored" with their relationship.

Tom certainly seems to be in good spirits now. As Celebitchy reports, he was photographed having a laugh with Priyanka Chopra yesterday. This has led to speculation that Tom and Priyanka will present an Emmy award together. E! News reports that Hiddleston is going to hand out one of the final awards of the night, so perhaps Chopra will join him onstage when he does so.

As you can see, some of Tom Hiddleston's fans are hoping that he'll ask Priyanka Chopra out.

Tom Hiddleston's friends have said that he usually grows tired of his girlfriends after three months, and this attitude about relationships probably wouldn't fly with Priyanka Chopra. During an interview with InStyle, the Baywatch actress revealed that she doesn't casually date. If a man wants to be with her, he has to be interested in a serious, long-term relationship.

"I've never dated," Chopra said. "I've always been in relationships."

According to the Bollywood star, India's rules of romance are much different than those of America or England, which is Tom Hiddleston's home country.

"It's very different. You like someone, you court each other, you get into a relationship," Priyanka explained. "You're answerable to each other. Whereas the nonanswerability of dating, my god, I don't know if I would ever be able to."

In other words, she may be a bit wary of getting involved with Hiddleston after seeing how short his summer fling with Swift was.

Are you sad that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston didn't last long enough to walk the Emmy Awards red carpet? And do you think Hiddleston and Chopra would make a cute couple? Share your thoughts below.

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