'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' Park Bo Gum's Body Gets Praise From Korean Drama's Hanbok Designer [PICS]

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds actor Park Bo Gum is getting praise for more that just his acting skills. As Soompi reports, the Korean drama's costume designer, who designs the traditional hanbok that the actors wear in each episode has praised Bo Gum for the elegant way he portrays his character in the clothes.

"I worked on a lot of projects, and I've met a lot of actors. There have been many actors who have great bodies and a great figure for clothes, but I think this is a first for an actor who can perfectly portray the feeling and message that I intended, as if he is one with the clothes," said Lee Jin Hee, hanbok designer for Moonlight.


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Lee Jin Hee, who has also designed costumes for other kdramas like Behind the White Tower, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Kingdom of the Winds, and Dream High, also credited Park Bo Gum for having a "natural talent" for wearing traditional hanbok for his character, a crown prince ruling during The Joseon Dynasty.

"These are clothes with which I thought a lot about the presence and class," Jin Hee said. "[Park Bo Gum] wore the clothes almost exactly the way I had first imagined."

According to Visit Korea, Korean hanbok clothing was worn everyday up until about a hundred years ago. But now it's mostly worn on special occasions and holidays. A traditional hanbok oufit is made of a close fitting top and a wide bottom. The hanbok jacket also typically has wide sleeves. The fabrics used are normally bright and/or patterned.Lee Jin Hee spoke about the level of skill and time that goes into making a traditional hanbok costume for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

"Making a single hanbok costutme takes about four months to complete. A lot of care goes into making an outfit that matches an actor's image."

But, it's probably all worth it when the lead actor in the drama series expresses an appreciation for the traditional garments.

"Park Bo Gum fundamentally really liked the outfits that I designed. When I would be on set, he'd often grab my hand and tell me, 'The outfits are so beautiful," she said of Moonlight's star actor.

Park Bo Gum hasn't just shown his talent for modeling clothes on Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. He also showed off his skills during his fashion spread for Elle Korea recently.In the interview, as reported by Soompi, fans asked Bo Gum about his personal style and what he likes to wear when he's not on television.

Park replied that her prefers the "dandy" style but that he has a team of people from his agency that makes most of his outfit choices.

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