Donald Trump Divorce Records: Donald Called 'Cruel And Inhuman,' Accused Of Lying About His Wealth

Donald Trump's divorce records were made public this weekend, revealing some potentially damaging secrets about Trump's alleged abuse of his then-wife, Ivana.

The papers were released on Saturday, revealing details of the 1990 divorce between Ivana Trump and Donald Trump. As the New York Daily News noted, the documents showed that Trump was verbally abusive toward his then-wife.

There had been a court case trying to get the documents unsealed, but the Daily News was able to obtain a portion of the documents directly from the courthouse, without a judge releasing the documents.

"The dusty documents stored in a box in the clerk's office of Manhattan Supreme Court contain allegations that Trump 'verbally abused and demeaned' his ex-wife. Ivana alleged that he 'lied' and that his treatment of her was 'cruel and inhuman.'

"In the end, it was 'unsafe or improper for them to be married,' the papers charge.

"That's the information The News was able to get. But over 100 pages of documents in the case filed in 1990 — including key portions of a sworn deposition from Ivana — are missing."

Trump's wealth has come into question through the release of his divorce records. During the divorce, Ivana challenged the couple's prenuptial agreement, claiming that Donald was purposely undervaluing his wealth.

As the New York Daily News noted, Donald Trump also included a clause that she would have to return any gifts given by Donald during their marriage.

"I remember the part about the gifts. I had been very hurt. I had been confused by it... I didn't understand the whole concept, why I'm returning the gifts which are going to be acquired by my husband and given to me during our marriage," Ivana said in a deposition.

The report added that Donald Trump blamed lawyer Roy Cohn for the gift clause, which was deleted from the prenuptial agreement. A new clause was added giving Ivana a $100,000 payment.

Just days before Donald Trump's divorce records were released, both he and ex-wife Ivana were fighting to keep the records sealed. Each filed a legal brief in a Manhattan state court asking a judge to reject the motion to unseal the documents brought forth by the New York Times and the newspaper chain Gannett. Divorce records in New York state are sealed unless a judge finds "special circumstances" to open them, Politico noted.

In her brief, Ivana noted that she and Donald Trump have no animosity and that the issues from their divorce were already aired quite publicly, Politico reported.

"I do not want the details of our divorce (most of which have already been reported extensively) to be opened up and displayed to the general public for their misinterpretation and amusement," Ivana Trump wrote. "Donald and I currently share a warm relationship and our family should not be forced to relive this part of our past because he is running for president."

Both the New York Times and Gannett had argued that the divorce records could address some pertinent issues related to the presidential campaign, including Donald Trump's credibility and his treatment of women.

It's not clear if the release of the divorce documents could hurt Donald Trump. As his ex-wife noted in her court papers, nearly all of the issues had already been covered extensively by New York tabloids during the divorce, which was finalized in 1992.

And as Donald Trump noted in his own court papers this week, the release of his divorce papers could actually help the real estate magnate. He has called on Hillary Clinton to be more forthcoming with her health records, and though Clinton released some documents this week related to her recent bout with pneumonia, her past health records remain under wraps. With the release of Trump's previously sealed divorce records, there could be new pressure on Clinton to put out more documents of her own.

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