WWE News: Update On Daniel Bryan And The Miz Storyline, Miz To Get Traded To 'WWE RAW?'

The Miz has made quite an impression on the WWE in his time with the company. Not only is he a former WWE United States Champion, but he is also a multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a former WWE Champion, and WrestleMania main eventer. This is not even mentioning that he's married to Maryse. Clearly if there is anyone in the WWE who overachieved in their time with the company, The Miz is the perfect candidate.

Miz is by no means done in his career either, as he may have years left before he even considers retirement. He has also been very big on doing any media the WWE asks him to do as well. When we talk about people who work almost as hard as John Cena, Miz is yet again someone we could turn to. He has also taken on many movie roles for the WWE Studios production company. He has been in a variety of films, but he has also done random television appearances with USA Network, the home of both WWE RAW and SmackDown Live.

Right now, other than the New Day, Miz has the single longest reign with any WWE title in the company. Clearly he is someone that SmackDown Live can use in big ways, but the question was, would SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan give in to The Miz's demands and give him all he wanted in his negotiations with the IC Champ? It looks unlikely, according to how things have been spoken about on Twitter recently.

Miz Maryse SmackDown Live
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The Miz said the following regarding his position with SmackDown Live.

"Know how much you are worth...and put a price tag on it. If and can't see that, I will not say to their terms."
Daniel Bryan would say on the social media platform regarding the negotiations with Miz....
" "terms" are not realistic, they are utterly delusional. While he does hold the , he is not the ONLY Champion."
It does look as if Miz will try to continue asking to be given the world when he's not worth a state, which will end up causing more friction with he and Daniel Bryan. Their rivalry dates back to the beginning of Daniel Bryan's WWE career interestingly. Despite how good Bryan was coming in, The Miz was tapped as Bryan's pro on the first episode of the game-show version of WWE NXT. The winner was promised a main roster contract, despite the fact that all would most likely be given the same thing. They were also promised a title match.

Bryan and Miz would never get along during the competition, and it would be noticeable from the start that WWE was holding Bryan back. Miz was at the height of his career during this time and might very well have been the hottest heel in the company, so Miz as a pro made sense...just not with Bryan. Bryan would be eliminated early on, then would form with the other rookies of NXT to create the Nexus stable. Weirdly enough, Bryan would get fired the night Nexus invaded for what is now known as "tiegate" when Bryan choked announcer Justin Roberts by his tie.

Miz Daniel Bryan NXT 2010
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He would end up working the independents for a couple months before WWE would bring him back a few months later when he would take an open spot on Team WWE when they took on Team Nexus at WWE SummerSlam in 2010. Miz was the man who would have had this spot, but Bryan took it from him. Bryan would end up also taking Miz's WWE Unites States Title later that year. Their careers then split apart due to brand split situations afterward, and now they are back together with Miz still wrestling and Bryan retired.

There are no plans for Daniel Bryan to return to the ring with the WWE, despite Bryan wanting to do so and believing he's fine. The entire idea with the storyline involving Miz seems to be centered around a possible trade. Reports have have been all over the internet for weeks now regarding Cesaro eventually leaving the WWE RAW brand for Smackdown Live. Bryan could always trade Miz for Cesaro some time after WWE No Mercy, where Dolph Ziggler could take the IC Title from Miz...therefore keeping the title with the blue brand.

It is no secret that Cesaro really wanted to be on team blue for real, due to the show being more his style. Meanwhile storyline wise it is no secret that Bryan does not care for Miz. Therefore, a trade with the two sides does look to be likely as the storyline concludes between the two. WWE wins out on both ends as RAW needs more heels and SmackDown Live needs more top talent.

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