‘Young And Restless’ Casting Buzz: Michael Muhney To Return As Adam Newman? [Spoilers – Updated]

The Young and the Restless fans are buzzing over the departure of Justin Hartley as Adam Newman and the idea of bringing the character back with another recast. Adam was supposedly killed in the cabin explosion, but the door has clearly been left open for him to still be alive. Some fans have been clamoring to see Michael Muhney brought back to Y&R in the role, and now some think the signs are pointing in that direction. What’s the latest?

Many Young and Restless fans were feeling quite anxious about Justin Hartley’s future with the show, given his involvement in the new NBC series titled This Is Us, set to premiere on September 20. Hartley originally said that he would simply be taking a break for a bit, but once Adam seemingly died in the explosion, Justin took to social media to confirm that he had left for good.

Buzz started swirling almost immediately upon the news of Hartley’s departure that Young and Restless would recast the character of Adam, with viewers sure that there may very well be a twist showing that this core Newman character was still alive. Fans are not necessarily excited about that idea in many ways, given that the show already went this route once when Michael Muhney left and Justin was brought onto the series. However, Y&R recently included a scene that most definitely left the door open to bringing Newman back from the dead once again.

There is a Y&R casting call floating around for a character named “Dean” that sounds a lot like Adam, but there is also talk that this will turn out to be a different core family character. There have also been rumors about either Muhney or fellow soap veteran Aiden Turner stepping in as Adam. For his part, Turner has shared that he has no idea where the rumor originated, and he is already involved in another show at the moment. However, the rumors about Michael reprising the role have yet to fade.

Bringing Muhney back would be a rather controversial move, considering all of the drama that surrounded his initial exit. However, a recent tweet by the actor makes Young and Restless fans wonder. Michael tweeted a tease about how there is always another chapter to write, and his supporters immediately wondered if this might be a reference to reprising the role of Adam Newman.

Muhney soon added another post noting that the tweet that got everybody buzzing was simply a quote from American marathoner Galen Rupp, and he said he had found the quote to be inspiring. Despite that, some wonder if there could be something developing on this front and many would love to see it happen.

As SheKnows Soaps notes, there is a new executive producer on Young and Restless now and a new head writer is about to take charge as well since the actor was on Y&R. One of the alleged issues in Muhney’s previous firing involved actress Hunter King, but interestingly, she has just been dropped to recurring in the role of Summer. There had also been quite a bit of friction between Michael and veteran actor Eric Braeden, who plays Victor, and that might be a difficult challenge to work through.


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Melissa Claire Egan, who plays Chelsea, recently told Michael Fairman that she thinks Adam is really dead this time and she does not anticipate a recast. However, she also noted that one never knows and it’s entirely possible that Young and Restless will consider multiple possibilities here and perhaps take a break before bringing someone back.

Would you like to see Michael Muhney return to play Adam Newman now that Justin Hartley has left? Should The Young and the Restless just leave the character dead for good now? Fans will have to stay tuned for now and hope that clarity on the situation doesn’t take too long to emerge.

Updated: As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, Muhney has actually been dropping what seem to be other hints for the past couple of months now. Since June, Michael has posted a couple of throwback pictures to his time on Young and Restless. He has posted photos of him with Peter Bergman (Jack) as well as with Max Page, who played Reed. Now that Jill Farren Phelps is gone and the actor seems to be available, many Young and Restless fans cannot help but wonder if Michael Muhney is indeed heading back as Adam Newman, or perhaps at least subtly expressing an interest in the possibility.

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