WWE News: Huge Update On TNA Being Sold, How Much They’re Worth, If WWE Inquired

TNA and the WWE have never truly been competitors. Vince McMahon was always one step ahead of Jeff Jarrett and then Dixie Carter. WWE had the financial backing, legacy, and wrestlers to provide memorable moments to keep the fans coming. It was as if McMahon was always one step ahead. Even when TNA gained a ton of momentum in the late-2000’s with guys like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, it still wasn’t enough to compete.

For months in 2015, it seemed like TNA was finally facing its demise. Carter was struggling as the president of TNA. Multiple reports said TNA was barely holding on to make their tapings. They already took their show back to a recording, instead of keeping it live. Carter ended up giving up her head role to Billy Corgan, the singer from the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s not getting better, but rather they are still going down their downward path to obscurity.

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Nothing seems to be working. Meanwhile, the WWE is constantly raiding TNA’s talent. Just take a look at WWE NXT’s roster. A few of them may be a former-TNA star. Not to mention, their WWE World champion is AJ Styles, former-TNA Heavyweight champion. The news that wrestling fans unfortunately believed to be inevitable and that is the potential sale to the WWE. A report by the Inquisitr dives into detail about the reported bid by the WWE.

They talked about what could be a sale soon. Apparently, it needs to be as soon as possible if it happens at all. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided an update on WWE potentially buying TNA, and how much Impact Wrestling is looking to sell for.

On WOL, Dave Meltzer says TNA is looking to sell for $4-$6 million. He said they need to sell by October 2nd to fund the next TV tapings.

— The VOTV Podcast (@TheVOTVPodcast) September 18, 2016

Dave also said a person close to the situation was not aware of an offer by WWE or Sinclair to buy TNA. https://t.co/2CKIGsaPOY

— The VOTV Podcast (@TheVOTVPodcast) September 18, 2016

Multiple news outlets are now reporting on the potential sale of TNA Wrestling to the WWE. Meltzer’s words are normally solid. If he spoke to someone close to the situation and they said it isn’t going to happen, then it probably won’t. However, the New York Post is a legitimate source of journalism that wouldn’t make up a sale of any kind in the financial world.

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Forbes.com also wrote on the report and talked about one big hurdle that TNA has to go through.

“One major hurdle in acquisition talks is that Dixie Carter, Corgan, Aroluxe Marketing and Canada’s Fight Network all have equity stakes in the company.

“Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns Ring of Honor (ROH), is also rumored to have put in a bid to purchase the cash-strapped wrestling organization.”

Corgan wants to take TNA to the next level. Matt Hardy and his “Delete” series is doing well, but they only bring potential viewers for a week, or two, at a time. After the hype dies, then it’s back to standard TNA wrestling that few people want to watch. The company has made big mistakes in the recent past that hindered its quality now.

Carter and Hulk Hogan didn’t help things years ago, but at least now they are somewhat stable at the moment. The WWE putting in a bid would do a few good things, as well as numerous bad. Wrestlers would be out of a job, because the WWE wouldn’t take all of them in. However, their work would remain on the WWE Network in a library possibly, and some of them would stay in the company. Should the WWE buy TNA? It may be the best possibility for all involved.

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