One Direction Predictions: Empires, ‘Larry’ Existed, Will Win 2016 Awards

Periodically, it is a good idea to check in with the predictions made about One Direction, and this year has produced some interesting results.

A lot of celebrities promote metaphysics, and Lana Del Rey recently posted on social media about a psychic she adores named Medium Fleur.

It was also rumored that former One Direction member, Zayn Malik, consulted with Adele about crystal therapy for anxiety when he was having problems with performing solo, according to a June 20 report from Teen Vogue.

However, there are also just as many media publications that talk about celebrities in their predictions. Naturally, because they are so popular, it is common to find interviews with psychics or mystics about their predictions for One Direction.

For example, around January 13, Broadly hired several psychics to discuss 1D and one of them stated the following about the future of One Direction.

“In 2017, Saturn will square the position it was in at the time that One Direction formed. This will be a tense, make-it-or-break-it time for them, and a change in direction is definitely underway — whether or not they stay together.”

Nevertheless, One Direction predictions have been a popular topic for awhile, and, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, some of the predictions have turned out to be true.

For instance, Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker for the One Direction film This Is Us, said that Harry Styles would leave One Direction after Zayn Malik, according to Music Times.

This was somewhat true because, after Zayn Malik quit and signed with RCA Records, Harry Styles was the first One Direction member to sign a solo record deal, according to MTV.

Harry Styles by Stephen Lovekin r
Harry Styles [Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

Sugarscape points out that sometimes One Direction fans are the psychics and reported that a 1D fan predicted Louis Tomlinson would have a baby.

Of course, when it comes to One Direction predictions, many 1D fans on Twitter regularly reference the famed Psychic Twins.

When they gave a prediction about One Direction during an interview by Shane Dawson on May 18, they also said Camila Cabello would go solo from Fifth Harmony in the next 11 to 12 months, and that perhaps two members of the group are in a lesbian relationship.

The Psychic Twins addressed One Direction predictions that say they will not reunite, and countered this by stating they feel that 1D will get back together… but only for smaller things like reunions for “short term occasions” over the next three decades.

This report by the Psychic Twins also had some comments about the alleged romantic relationship between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. They said that they sensed Larry Stylinson existed for a while, but now things have cooled off between the two of them.

There might be something in the stars for The Psychic Twins and One Direction because, as they pointed out, the twins share the same January 12 birthday as Zayn Malik.

Alternatively, One Direction fans have their own ideas about what is in store for the band over the next year.

For instance, around August 26, it was predicted on Twitter that One Direction will still win awards for 2016. The details fo the prediction made by the pop culture fan account for the American Music Awards (AMAs) and included One Direction, Fifth Harmony, and DNCE as their picks for Best Pop/Rock Duo/Group.


On August 27, a One Direction fan stated “X Factor prediction: Simon will have the groups this year and one of his boy bands will win to replace One Direction.”

There are also those close to One Direction that are giving their predictions. Digital Spy reported around mid-September that Louis Walsh had a lot of details about which direction he thought the gents were heading in 2017.

Mainly, Harry Styles will be “a star,” Louis Tomlinson will go into music management, and Liam Payne will be a songwriter. As for Niall Horan’s career, Louis Walsh predicted it might go either way and stated the following.

“[Niall Horan] might surprise us all, if he gets the right song. It’s all about the record label and who is managing him and all that.”

One other prediction about One Direction that is out there is being presented by Forbes. Namely, they think that Simon Cowell will continue to get pushed out of the lives of the One Direction members as they create their own “empires.”

Zayn Malik pictured in Paris around the time he broke up with Perrie Edwards
Zayn Malik is allegedly setting the prototype for the rest of One Direction as to how their solo careers will play out. (AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu)

They go on to reference Zayn Malik as an example of what the other members of One Direction will look like when they end up creating their solo career identities. In particular, they state how Zayn Malik now has “a slew of new projects coming up.”

Furthermore, they predict that there is “a chance” that Zayn Malik “has even more going on than he is willing to let on.”

[Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]