'Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer Talks Nancy, Season 2 Started Filming?

Netflix announced Stranger Things 2 with a short teaser, which broke the internet. A renewal was expected due to the success of the first season. Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, spoke about her character and her potential love interest going forward in the series.

The Duffer Brothers, who created the show, have spoken about the maturation of the Stranger Things kids, which led to the next season starting one year after the events of the first season. According to Screen Rant, the highly anticipated Season 2 may have already started filming.

"Though we already know Season 2 will begin filming in Atlanta from about October to April, thanks to Screen Crush, it seems that crew is eager to get a jump on things — because a fan spotted production trailers going up outside a key set location."

Stranger Things is set in the 80s in the small town of Hawkins in Indiana. Will Byers goes missing and his friends are on a quest to find him, which led them to a girl called Eleven who has special abilities. They soon discover an Upside Down world and the government conspiracy to hide it.

The series drew comparison to the work of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, who served as inspiration to the showrunners.

Natalia Dyer is one of the breakout stars of the series. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, the 19-year-old actress spoke at length about her character Nancy.

In Stranger Things, Nancy's best friend Barb goes missing, which led Nancy and her reluctant boyfriend to investigate the strange things occurring in the small town.

Barb's disappearance also led to a partnership with Jonathan Byers, who proved to be brave and a possible love interest for Nancy in the future.

During the interview, the publication asked Natalia Dyer why her character chose Steve and she responded with the following.

"I know everyone is really shipping Nancy and Jon—Jancy, I guess, is the word—but the whole thing takes place over a couple days. For Nancy to end up with somebody that she just met, even though she has a boyfriend who really does care about her, just didn't quite make sense. I think it ended the most logically, for sure."
In Stranger Things, Steve Harrington seemed like a typical jock to begin with. However, Steve eventually showed that he genuinely cares for Nancy and came back to help her and Jonathan fight the monster that kidnapped Will Byers.

While Steve turned out to be an alright guy, fans of the show will like to see Jonathan and Nancy hook up.

The Duffer Brothers have stated that it is a possibility. However, Nancy staying with Steve seems more realistic for now. A lot can happen in the year between the first and second series so Nancy may be at a different point of her relationship in Season 2.

Some Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers suggest that Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven may not return in Season 2. New cast members are being added and Eleven may take a back seat in the next season or not appear at all.

The Duffer Brothers are expected to reveal more about the Upside Down world and explain the phenomenon in greater detail in Season 2.

When Natalia Dyer was asked whether she can relate to her character Nancy, she responded with the following.

"Yeah, especially in high school, thinking back. Trying to find your social group and figuring out who your real friends are. I think everybody can relate to that. And that determination, a little bit of good girl—I didn't do anything crazy. So far Nancy has me beat on that. No monster hunting for me in high school."
Stranger Things Season 2 is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2017 with nine episodes.

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