Pressure Cooker: 2nd Bomb-Type Device Found On West 27th Street In New York's Chelsea Area

There has been a second explosive-looking type of device found at West 27th street in New York that appears to be a pressure cooker. There is wiring coming out of the device, with duct tape, a note or some sort of paper with writing attached -- as well as cords that came out of the pressure cooker.

The second device was found in New York, also at a Chelsea location inside a white garbage bag, reports CNN.

The pressure cooker's wiring is dark in color, reports the publication. It is not known if the pressure cooker is really an IED, an improvised bomb, or something merely designed to look like an explosive device to cause terror.

The finding of the pressure cooker comes during a time when New York City is on heightened alert after at least 29 people were injured in a Manhattan explosion, as reported by Newsday.

The pressure cooker device was still on the streets of New York at nearly 1 a.m. on Sunday, September 18, at least two hours after the suspicious device was reportedly discovered. Whether or not there was some sort of detonating device, such as a cell phone, attached to the pressure cooker was not known. It also has not been released to the public what the contents of the pressure cooker could be.

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Residents who live between Sixth and Seventh Avenues in Manhattan are being warned about the suspicious package that may or may not be related to the pressure cooker found. As a result of the pressure cooker news, folks in the area are being urged to stay away from windows.

Two or three helicopters circled 27th Street as plans for the pressure cooker to be removed were made. The pressure cooker should be removed from the area in Manhattan and taken to the Bronx to have the device detonated.

Pressure cookers have been used in previous terrorist attacks, such as in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The pressure cooker, as reported by The Boston Globe, was discovered only four blocks away from the location of the initial blast in Chelsea, which happened on West 23rd Street. The initial explosion took place either inside a dumpster or large trash bin -- but authorities have said there is no clear evidence, as of this writing, of a terror connection -- nor any evidence that the pressure cooker or device was related to a pipe bomb placed in a trash can in Seaside Park, New Jersey, on Saturday.

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That pipe bomb damage was thwarted due to the 5K race being delayed.

However, the Boston Marathon bombing did injure many runners and folks standing by, with a pressure cooker used in that bombing, as reported by Heavy. The second device of a pressure cooker found in New York City has created fear that it could be used in the same manner. That pressure cooker had been rigged to include damaging items like nails and other small pieces of shrapnel that would inflict more damage when it exploded.

Reaction to news of the pressure cooker being found can be seen in sample comments from social media below.

"Possibly pressure cooker and pipe bomb. This can't be an accident. Come on."

"If you've got a pressure cooker you're not using, don't maim people with it. Loan it to me. I'm finna put up pie filling. And I'll share."

"Pressure cooker has wires extending from it & cell phone attached. This wasn't mama's dinner gone bad."

"Friends of CNN, please restrain yourself from teaching ppl how to build a bomb out of a pressure cooker. Not a clever thing to do."

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