Kyron Horman: Terri Horman, Missing Boy’s Stepmother, To Appear On Dr. Phil Next Week, Could She Finally Break The Case?

Terri Horman, the stepmother of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman, is set to appear on this season of The Dr. Phil Show. Rumors of Terri Horman’s upcoming appearance, which seems to have already been recorded, have been circulating for a couple of weeks. The talk that Kyron Horman’s stepmother (suspected by many to have something to do with the boy’s June 4, 2010, disappearance but never directly implicated by investigators) would be talking exclusively with Dr. Phil began circulating online after the show released the current season’s teasers.

Finally, those who have been following the disappearance of Kyron Horman, who was a 7-year-old second grader when he went missing, have an air date for the upcoming Dr. Phil episode that features Terri Horman and her most recent rendition of the version of events surrounding her stepson’s disappearance. As Oregon Live reports, the Dr. Phil episode featuring Terri Horman speaking of Kyron Horman is scheduled to air in a two-episode event next week.

Officially, the Kyron/Terri Horman episode of The Dr. PhilShow is expected to hit TVs across the nation on September 21 and 22. The time slot for the episode will depend on individual viewer’s locations and television provider.

Reportedly, this planned airing of Terri Horman speaking out about the disappearance of Kyron Horman was confirmed via a telephone call with an unnamed studio employee. Inexplicably, the air date of the Terri Horman interview has seemingly been kept under wraps, but according to whoever answered the phone at The Dr. Phil Show, Kyron’s supporters can expect to hear Terri Horman speak next week.

“That’s what I have on our calendar. It could change, but I doubt it.”

According to media reports, the official schedule for The Dr. Phil Show should be available on the show’s website by early Monday at the latest, but it appears that (barring some unforeseen complication) the world will be “treated” to Terri Horman’s most recent version of events in the next few days.

According to the clip of the upcoming show, which features Dr. Phil grilling Terri Horman about the lies she’s told about the disappearance of Kyron Horman, it appears that Terri finally admits that she hasn’t told the truth when it comes to the official story she’s told about her stepson’s as-yet unexplained vanishing.

Dr. Phil says to Terri Horman, “You lied to the media?” Horman responds, “Yes, because I was told to.”

For those unfamiliar with the case of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman, his stepmother, Terri Horman, was the last person known to have seen the boy before he seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth over six years ago. According to Terri Horman’s official story, she and Kyron had been at the school early that Friday, before classes officially started for the day, because Kyron Horman was participating in the Skyline Elementary School’s annual science fair. His project? Tree frogs. Terri Horman was reportedly so proud of her stepson’s scientific prowess that she took a photograph of him standing in front of the project at the school and posted it to her Facebook page before the school day was through.

Conveniently, the photograph also offered “proof” that Kyron Horman had been at the school that morning.

According to Terri Horman, she left after the science fair and after watching Kyron Horman walk back to class. The school has a different version of events, alleging that Kyron never made it to class that day and that his stepmother had excused him, which is why the school didn’t bother to notify Kyron Horman’s parents that he wasn’t in class that day.

According to Terri Horman, she didn’t know that Kyron Horman was absent from school that fateful day until he wasn’t dropped off by his school bus after the day ended, hours later.

Following the disappearance of Kyron Horman, his immediate families (father and stepmother/mother and stepfather) put on a united public front. That facade began to deteriorate almost immediately following the family’s first public press conference, an event that many followers of the case say presents a shifty and untruthful Terri Horman.

It didn’t take long for Terri Horman to be tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion. The public’s opinion of Kyron Horman’s stepmother didn’t get much better after it was reported by Oregon Live and other media outlets that she’d repeatedly failed polygraph tests.

The State of Oregon mounted one of the largest and most expensive missing person searches in the history of the case in a bid to bring Kyron home one way or another. Still, after six years, investigators and authorities are (at least publicly) virtually at the point where they started.


In the interim, Kyron’s stepmother and his father went through a brutal public divorce. She was accused of plotting to hire a hit man to kill her husband, Kaine Horman, and in the aftermath of the drama he was awarded sole physical custody of their shared biological child. Terri Horman has tried to change her life and even her name (as Oregon Live reports, her efforts to legally change her name were shot down by an Oregon judge), but to no avail.

Just as Kyron Horman remains missing, his supporters (many of whom never knew the boy in real life or had even heard of him prior to his 2010 vanishing) remain vigilant in their quest to discover the truth behind his disappearance and to bring Kyron home, no matter what. As such, Terri Horman has found herself dogged by those who refuse to let her escape her past, even though she has relocated from Oregon to California since Kyron disappeared.

Terri Horman has never been named a suspect in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, not even an official person of interest. However, not long after Kyron vanished, Terri retained renowned criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze, something that many followers of the case saw as an admission that she had something to hide.

If the clip of her interview with Dr. Phil is any indication, the public may have been right. In it, she claims to have willingly and willfully lied to the media about Kyron Horman’s disappearance because she was “told to.”

What do you think? Do you think next week’s Dr. Phil show could provide new clues or even a break in the Kyron Horman case? Could Terri Horman really be ready to spill the beans about what really happened on the day that Kyron Horman vanished, seemingly without a trace?

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