'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Nicole Considers Her Final Two Options -- Claims James Doesn't 'Deserve' $50,000

Big Brother 18 is almost over, and it is down to the wire. In only five days, Nicole Franzel, James Huling, and Paul Abrahamian will have to decide the most important decision of their life -- who will they take to the final two face-off for the jury?

Online Big Brother reports that Nicole feels grateful for being in the game at this point. Franzel has been playing for this moment all summer; the final two. She began to count her jury votes and is trying to decide who to take to the end if she wins the third part of the final HOH (Head of Household) competition.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Nicole knows that this decision is very important and she has to carefully consider who would help her win the Big Brother game. Paul joined her and revealed that James is starting to feel anxious about the final round of the HOH competition.

Nicole whispered to the Big Brother live feed cameras that she doesn't want to take James to the final two because she doesn't think he "deserves" the $50,000.

"I do not want to take James to final two because he does not even deserve $50,000. And, if he beats me I am going to be livid! I don't know what his edit is …if he is a mastermind.. because he is the furthest thing from a mastermind. He literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, didn't do anything strategically to help his game. Just perceived as a weak player. It's not a Dan or Derrick game. I cannot give him that credit because I figured it out! No one figured out Dan or Derrick's game. He back stabbed everybody. And, he begged everyone to vote him out. You cannot give someone $50,ooo who begged for it."
Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Nicole believes that she has Victor Arroyo's vote and possibly Bridgette Dunning's. Nicole thinks that Natalie Negrotti would vote against her just because she is probably still bitter about her emotional eviction.
Big Brother live feed spoilers indicate that James took half the deck of cards and hid it from Nicole. She demands to know where the put them; he gives her a few hints. Finally, she finds the other half of the cards and all three sit down to play a game.

Big Brother Network reports that Nicole has been doing a lot of thinking about which houseguest would help further her game. Nicole realizes that she gave James her word that she would take him to the final two, but begins to reconsider that choice after she counts the jury votes.

Flashback to 2 a.m., Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers indicated that Paul and Nicole both swore that they had each other's backs and there was nothing James could say to sway their decision. When James pressed her for reassurance that she still planned to take him to the final two, Nicole didn't give him a clear answer. She teased him and then asked him what he thought Paul would do if he won the third round of the HOH competition. It didn't help ease James' fears of Nicole choosing to evict him, making him the final jury member.
Big Brother 18 fans have been debating who has the best shot at winning the game. Most of the viewers agree that Nicole's best shot at winning Big Brother is if she takes James with her to the final two. Most fans believe that if Paul is in the final two, he will win, no matter who he is sitting next too. Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think Nicole would take to the final two? Can Nicole win against Paul?

The Big Brother 18 live finale will air Wednesday, September 21, at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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