Dr. Jill Stein Vows To Debate The Candidates, But Will Be Debating Law Enforcement Instead

As the debate phase of the 2016 presidential election nears, the Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein vows to debate both Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump on the Hofstra University debate stage in a week.


Yes, Jill Stein vows to debate both of the candidates, which would be the first time a third-party candidate shares the stage for what is normally a two-party system debate, given that she gets 15 percent of the public's support at minimum to get on that stage.

The same applies to the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, and while he's apparently at 8.4 percent, Dr. Jill Stein is at a much lower 3.2 percent, so neither actually qualify for the debate stage.

To make it even clearer, the Commission on Presidential Debates published a press release on Friday saying that neither Gary Johnson nor Dr. Jill Stein are invited to be a part of the debate.

Gary Johnson has been working to get third-parties onto the national debate stage.
Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson has gone through the process of trying to get third parties in the debate. [Image by Rick Bowmer/AP Images]

Surely, Dr. Jill Stein would know that neither she nor her libertarian counterpart were invited, right?

There's a reason for this. In fact, the reason Dr. Jill Stein still vows to debate after the publication of the press release isn't because she didn't know. It's because she intends to be at the event and protest for not being part of the process.

Actually, not long ago, Inquisitr wrote on this very issue as Dr. Jill Stein has already done this before.

As the article shows, Dr. Jill vowed to debate in 2012 with her then running mate Cheri Honkala at the same location, only to be arrested.

At the time, it was one of the three times she and Cheri had been arrested that year alone, once for a sit-in at a bank in Philadelphia and another time when she was arrested for trespassing when she brought food to protesters who were camping against the building of the XL-pipeline.

Dr. Jill Stein's vows to debate the two candidates includes her new running mate Ajamu Baracka, who might as well go all the way as both he and Stein already have warrants for their arrest in North Dakota, after defacing equipment onsite during a protest against the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) which Inquisitr also reported on.

Green Party will likely be arrested at the debates.
Green Party candidates (left) Ajamu Baraka and (right) Jill Stein won't let the widely reported fact that they don't qualify for the debates stop them from showing up anyway. [Image by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/Ipx/AP Images]

Really, Dr. Jill Stein vows to debate the police officers when they arrest her onsite, which Gary Johnson likely will not do as it's unbecoming for him to be caught in handcuffs on national television, images, or in the headlines.

But it's this kind of civil disobedience that many this year are more attracted to because they're sick with the two-party system, which is something else Dr. Jill Stein has debated over throughout the year.

Since Bernie Sanders' campaign brought his progressive platform to the mainstream, Dr. Jill Stein found that this was the opportunity that the Green Party had been waiting for.

Dr. Jill Stein was able to get the support of Bernie's supporters when he lost the candidacy
Dr. Jill Stein gets energized at protest during Democratic National Convention, siphoning Bernie's supporters. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Stein has been able to get the Green Party on the ballot again as she did four-years before, but has also been getting a lot of votes from progressives who supported Bernie Sanders before he lost the candidacy, but are disillusioned with Hillary Clinton.

According to the polls, Hillary Clinton has stayed at around 48 percent before she dropped to 46, narrowing the gap between her and Donald Trump. Many believe it is because Dr. Stein is taking her supporters.

As for the clue of her civil disobedience, one only needs to look at Dr. Jill Stein's vows to debate when she uses the word "occupy" for the debates.

Just as it was for the Occupy Movement of 2011, progressive protesters took over property until law enforcement came in and arrested everyone.

Since then, "occupy" has had more of a menacing tone to authorities who will likely be ready to put the cuffs on her.

The referred to Inquisitr article above also mentions that a judge threw out a lawsuit filed by both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein against the commission for the debates, so they have already gone through the appropriate process required to be included.

If she gets arrested this time around, perhaps people will finally be able to realistically visualize her on the debate stage the next time Dr. Jill Stein vows to debate the candidates, so that Americans can have her as an option.

[Featured Image by John Minchillo/AP Images]