‘Teen Mom OG’ Catelynn Lowell Reveals When She Started Smoking Weed,’ I Was Young And Crazy’

Teen Mom OG‘s Catelynn Lowell decided to come clean about when she started using cannabis, reports MTV News. The 25-year-old reality TV star regrets ever picking up the habit and is hellbent on kicking the dependence on weed. She decided to enter a mental health facility for 30 days, so she can deal with her depression head on.

“I started smoking weed when I was probably around 12 or 13, when I was younger, which I’m not proud of. But that was when I was young and crazy.”

As Teen Mom OG fans witnessed on Monday, September 5, Lowell vowed to stop smoking marijuana after having a mental breakdown and struggling with depression for over a year.

During the episode, Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn’s husband, called her to find out where the “roaches” were. Apparently, it was a reference to her drug usage, and the fans picked up on it. They were immediately concerned about her family and for the safety of her child.

At the time, Catelynn and Novalee were on their way to pick up her new pet — a $3,000 mini pig. It was an experience that left Lowell in a tailspin, and she reached out to a Teen Mom OG producer to talk about her feelings.

Lowell told Jessica, a Teen Mom OG producer, that she needed “extra help” for her mental health issues, and cannot continue to go on like she has been for the past year. It appeared to be her breaking point, and a moment that she realized that she needed help or her family would end up suffering due to her “issues.”

“I just feel like I need help. ‘Cause I wasn’t really feeling good this morning, and I was having a little bit of anxiety last night. I just broke down and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m not OK … I do need mental help, something’s just not right.'”

Us Weekly reported in March that Lowell entered an Arizona-based mental health treatment program. She told MTV News, at the time, that she was seeking treatment for herself and for her family. She asked that her supporters respect her family’s need for privacy as they do their best to support her.

“I’m seeking help for myself and my family. Thank you to all of my supporters. My family and I would appreciate some privacy at this time.”

In a Teen Mom OG clip, Tyler confided in his mother that Catelynn was having trouble with depression, and he wasn’t sure how to help her. Tyler cried that she is going to go away “for some time” so she can “get back to her real self.” He acknowledged that it may take her some time to get back to the “old” Lowell, but he was looking forward to happier times.

“This wasn’t the way I envisioned our first year of marriage and being parents to be. It’s be very rough and I told Catelynn, I cannot do this anymore.”

Tyler told his mother that Catelynn wants to go to treatment so she can feel better. He admitted that he wasn’t sure at the time how much of her depression was normal baby blues, and a genuine issue that needed treatment.


Catelynn revealed that leaving Tyler and Novalee was the hardest part of getting treatment. The Teen Mom OG star says that she knew she had to do it, but knew that she would miss her baby and husband, every single day.

“I think the hardest thing about leaving my family to go get help was just having to leave them, period. Leaving my kid and my husband, that was the hardest part, honestly. Having to leave Nova and having to miss her for a month, that was the hardest thing about being away.”

If you know anyone that is struggling with depression or addiction, there are people who can help. Encourage them to reach out to their local mental health treatment centers.

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