Free Cat From ‘Gates Of Hell’ And ‘Manufactured By Satan’ Craigslist Ad Gets 47,000 Facebook Likes

There is an ad on Craigslist for a free cat that is going completely viral, chiefly because of how the Craigslist ad is written, with the ad describing the cat as a completely horrible pet to have. However, cat lovers are clapping back against the Craigslist ad, rallying together to try and get the cat a good home.

free cat
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As seen in the below graph from Trendolizer, the free cat Craigslist ad had grown to enjoy 47,000 Facebook likes by Saturday, September 17. The location of the free cat is listed as Sumiton, Alabama, although the Craigslist poster used the Birmingham section of Craigslist to post the ad.

Posted to Craigslist on September 13, the ad has grown viral in four days.

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The condition of the cat is listed as a “salvage” pet on Craigslist. Funnier than that, the cat’s make and manufacturer is listed as Satan, with the kitten’s model name and number listed as “pure hell.”

With a size and dimension of the cat that’s “big enough to attack,” the cat’s Craigslist ad has drawn plenty of views because of the humorous description given it, as seen below.

“Free to a good or bad home I don’t really care. Brother brought it home said he found it in the middle of the road, but I’m almost certain he found it at the gates of hell. Not really certain if it’s a male/female, but all it does is tear s*** up. Hates dog, kids, other cats, humans, or actually anything that breathes. Got a rug you got from the in-laws you hate? Don’t worry this little bastard [will] destroy it. Won’t recommend leaving it around anything other [than] grade 8 steel. Makes the perfect gift for that little p**** of a neighbor child that lives next door. About the only thing it’s good for is s******* in the litter box about 5 percent of the time. The other 95 percent is on the couch or in your bed. For the love of God someone please come get this cat. I’ll throw in food/water dispenser, cat perch, litter box, litter and half a bag of cat food. Don’t let its looks fool you, the cat is Satan himself.”

There are six photos that accompany the ad for the free cat on Craigslist. The first photo shows the cat amidst a mess of torn-up white tissue or paper towels in a kitchen. The black and white cat appears to be having a grand old time in the Craigslist photos.

Another Craigslist photo appears to show the results of the cat having scratched up a rug.

The cat looks completely adorable stretched out on a brown couch in other photos in the Craigslist ad — likely the reason that people who have viewed the Craigslist ad fell in love with the cat.

free cat
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It is ironic that the viral ad about the free cat on Craigslist would come at the same time that a YouTube video of a man saving a kitten in the middle of a busy highway would also go viral.

However, as seen in that viral CCTV video above, the cat at the center of that viral story was almost killed 13 times in the video prior to being rescued by a man who dared to stop on the busy Russian highway and risk his own life to save the life of the hurt and struggling kitten.

The video shows the foreign license plate of the man who placed the kitten in his black Peugeot hatchback and drove away, leaving viewers to wonder about the condition of the kitten.

At the rate that the “free cat” ad on Craigslist is gaining views, the newly viral kitten should find a good home in no time.

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