Harry Styles ‘Scream Queens’ Rumors Verified Soon, But Jeans Auction Is Far Below Estimate

The premiere of Season 2 of Scream Queens is on September 20, and this means rumors will soon be officially put to rest about whether or not Harry Styles has a role on the television show.

Although it has been a theory that has been shot down before, UnReality TV points out that a tease by Scream Queens‘ official Twitter account about a Harry Styles cameo on the show was unhelpful.

In particular, the social media team for Scream Queens tweeted “Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer are currently fighting over who will get to be with Harry Styles in Season 2.”

Despite this, it was alleged that the rumors were not true, according to Scream Queens officials, and the Harry Styles appearance in Season 2 was “not happening.”

'Scream Queens' Is Back For Season 2 — Everything We Know So Far, Plus Watch A Brand New Trailer [Image via Fox]

While fans ponder whether the tweet from Scream Queens was an actual joke or an information leak that got covered up, Harry Styles has not been giving out many clues because he is avoiding social media during his One Direction vacation.

Regardless, Harry Styles’ fans have been showing up in his headlines recently for a couple of surprising reasons. Namely, Harry Styles fans that have been obtuse in the past are being remembered by the celebrities that felt their brunt.

Alternatively, Harry Styles’ fans might have a chance to show the world they can do some good by donating to his latest charity.

In the past, celebrities like Meghan Trainor and Rebel Wilson have stated to the media that their brief encounters with Harry Styles resulted in social media death threats from his fans.

In fact, KUTV writes that Rebel Wilson said she had to “disable comments on Instagram” after she was overwhelmed by death threats.

Although she suffered from damaging comments in the past from Harry Styles’ fans, this time Rebel Wilson did not name a One Direction fan. Evidently, the threat is very serious and Rebel Wilson is having the FBI investigate her most recent death threat on Instagram.

Rebel Wilson at the premiere of the film How To Be Single in London, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016 (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP).

Speaking of poor fan relationships, Harry Styles is being drawn into “Larry Stylinson” drama, once again, but this time Louis Tomlinson is the one telling fans that he is annoyed.

To be clear, Louis Tomlinson is not cutting Harry Styles out of his life, but Louis is finished forever with “Larry,” according to Metro. Allegedly, Louis Tomlinson went as far as using the anti-trolling function on Instagram to delete all instances of “Larry.”

Social media drama aside, when Harry Styles does use Twitter or Instagram, it is usually to promote a good cause. While Harry Styles might have been taking a break from One Direction fans since their hiatus, Harry is not taking a break from charity.


Currently, Harry Styles and other celebrities are auctioning off their blue jeans online to raise money for refugees and proceeds will fund the International Rescue Committee.

Interestingly, Harry Styles’ blue jeans were expected to raise over $27,000, but they have only raised about $770 in the past month.

By comparison, Sharon Stone’s jeans have raised $5,507, and it was only expected that she would get $15,000 at the most for her pants.

Fortunately, Harry Styles’ fans have a chance to place a bid on the jeans until October 30 when the Johny Dar’s Jeans for Refugees celebrity jeans auction closes.

Oddly, one of the weirdest ways to use Harry Styles to promote your money project recently emerged in Australia. According to Courier Mail, a Chinese billionaire is selling a piece of land in Brisbane, Australia, and allegedly “a golf buggy once driven by Harry Styles,” is part of the real estate sale.

To get a chance to test Harry Styles Scream Queens rumors, Season 2 will premiere at 9 p.m. EDT on September 20, on Fox, according to Vine Report.

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