‘The Bachelor’: Former Contestant Cried And Refused To Be On Show If Nick Viall Was The Lead

Nick Viall has spent years being the runner-up, but he finally made it to the top when ABC named him the lead for the 2017 season of The Bachelor. There had been speculation that he would be the top guy in past years, but it never happened. One former contestant on the show got so upset when she thought she would be competing for Nick that she broke down in tears and almost refused to be part of the season.

Viall was the runner-up on two straight seasons of The Bachelorette and he just couldn’t get over the hump to win the heart of Andi Dorfman or Kaitlyn Bristowe. On the recently ended season of Bachelor In Paradise, he dated Amanda Stanton but ended up losing her to Josh Murray who ended up engaged.

Now, he’s the top dog, but former contestant Izzy Goodkind was rather shocked when he got the spot over fan-favorite Luke Pell. Not just that, but she was very glad that Nick didn’t get the coveted spot for Season 20 of the show when she was on it, according to Us Weekly.

A number of people were shocked that Luke was told to pack his bags to be on the show and then advised to stay home. Izzy was one of them, but she was even more shocked (and dismayed) when she thought Nick was going to be the one she would be fighting for.

“You should have seen my face when they pulled [Nick] out to announce it. When I went onto Ben’s season, they announced Nick first as [the lead on After Paradise] kind of like a joke, and I remember I started crying. I called my mom like, ‘I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to be on The Bachelor if Nick’s the Bachelor.’ So when they brought him out again [this year], I said, ‘Oh, this has to be a joke.'”

Lucky for Izzy at the time, that was indeed just a joke and Ben Higgins took the spot for that season.

Since that time, she’s gotten to know Viall and said that she believes him to be a “great guy” who she hoped would have had better luck with her friend Jen Saviano. Things have certainly taken a turn from Izzy being in tears

After Josh Murray arrived in Mexico for the third season of BIP and started a relationship with Amanda Stanton, Viall looked elsewhere. That was when he and Jen started up a relationship which came to an end on the season finale episode of the show.


As for Izzy? She was on Season 3 of BIP as well and she was there when the whole thing started. She experienced some of the verbal punishment of Chad Johnson before having a relationship with Vinny Venteria, which saw them split up and her departure in Episode 5.

Hollywood Take reported that the two have been in touch quite often since the ending of the season and that they’ve actually been hanging out a bit. Izzy insists that despite being very close, they are not getting back together.

Izzy Goodkind has had an interesting career through the reality world of The Bachelor family, but she’s just happy that it is one that didn’t include Nick Viall. Had he been the lead on her season of the show, it’s very likely that her crying would have led to one less woman as she probably would have gone home all on her own.

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