WWE News: Contract Negotiations Have Broken Down Between The Miz And ‘SmackDown Live’ General Manager Daniel Bryan

On Friday night, The Miz took to Twitter to announce that he and SmackDown Live general manager, Daniel Bryan, had opened contract “renegotiations” to keep the Intercontinental Champion on Tuesday nights. The Miz said on the most recent edition of SmackDown Live that he would refuse to defend his title until his contract was renegotiated.

Bryan responded to The Miz’s announcement, via Twitter, and confirmed that the two sides were indeed working on a contract.

It seemed to be an encouraging development between two guys that really don’t care for each other. As mentioned in an Inquisitr article from yesterday, The Miz and Daniel Bryan got into a heated argument back on the August 23 edition of Talking Smack following SmackDown Live.

Bryan told Miz that he felt like he wrestled like a coward in the ring and that he was afraid to get hit. As expected, The Miz didn’t take Daniel’s criticism very well and responded with some serious vitriol.

The Miz told Bryan that he was the coward because he’s the one who got injured and retired from in-ring competition. The Miz told Bryan if he wasn’t a coward, then he should come back and wrestle, but Daniel said the WWE wouldn’t allow it. The Miz responded by telling him to quit and go wrestle on the independent circuit and wrestle in “bingo halls.”

Many wondered if the heated exchange was scripted or not, but Daniel confirmed to ESPN‘s Jonathan Coachman that it was totally unscripted. Bryan said that he and The Miz know how to push each other’s buttons and that night it was taken to the extreme. Daniel even revealed that he nearly punched The Miz in the face prior to walking off set.

With the background between these two guys, it shouldn’t be surprising that the contract negotiations aren’t going smoothly. In fact, WWE announced on Twitter on Saturday afternoon that the negotiations have broken down between the two sides.

The Miz took to Twitter soon after to explain that he’s placed a price on his services and if SmackDown Live isn’t willing to pay that price, then he’s not going to sign a deal.


Once again, Daniel Bryan responded to The Miz, via Twitter, saying that his demands were ridiculous and that SmackDown wasn’t going to meet his crazy demands.

It’s pretty clear that these “negotiations” are part of a bigger storyline and could go in a number of directions. The WWE could decide to let The Miz walk and join Monday Night Raw. They could also be using this social media interaction as part of the buildup to The Miz’s match with Dolph Ziggler at WWE No Mercy. Or it could be something that affects the match entirely.

It’ll be interesting to see where these contract negotiations lead to. Hopefully, it doesn’t result in The Miz leaving SmackDown Live, as the show deserves to have the Intercontinental Champion, especially with the Cruiserweight division set to come to Monday Night Raw.

[Featured Image Via WWE.com]