‘Power’ Season 3 Spoilers: Ruiz Is A Dead Man, Tasha And Ghost Aren’t Over, And Tommy’s Relationship With Milan Might Surprise Fans

Season 3 of Power is winding down and a few spoilers suggest that things will get pretty intense in the upcoming episode. While fans have been watching Ghost struggle to keep his family safe while working to get out of the drug business, his enemies keep stacking up against him and it even looks like Tommy may be aligning himself with Milan and betraying his best friend. One thing is for sure; all is not what it seems.

The official synopsis for Power Season 3, Episode 9, titled “I Call The Shots,” reads as follows.

“Angela takes further action to find the mole, while Ghost makes a bold move to regain the club deal with the Bassets and rid himself of Andy and Alby for good. As he tries to win back his family’s favor, Ghost and Tasha falls into a familiar role while Kanan has an even darker influence on Tariq. Milan warns Tommy of the price of betrayal, as Ghost works his plan to get away from the Serbian connect once and for all.”

Power Season 3 spoilers
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Last week, we saw Ghost offer up the kingdom to Ruiz, who seems interested in taking over the drug business should Ghost give up his illegal business for good. That won’t be happening, though, because Power spoilers indicate that Ruiz is going to die in Season 3’s Episode 9, titled “I Call The Shots.”

While there is no information about how precisely Ruiz will die, here is one theory. Milan catches wind of Ghost’s plan to hand over the business to Ruiz, and for Milan to work with him instead. However, as the title indicates, right now Milan calls the shots and not Ghost. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched for Milan to have Ruiz killed in order to keep control over Ghost and force him to continue distributing his products. Also remember that Milan wants Ghost to use the clubs in order to distribute his newest product.

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Another Power spoiler that was recently shared pertains to Ghost’s relationship with Tasha. Now that Angela is out of the picture, it looks like the still-married couple will be rekindling what they once had. Well, they may not be trying to fix their marriage (yet), but they will be having sex in the upcoming Season 3 episode. Many fans have been calling for Ghost to fix his messed up family and make things right for Tasha. Could this be the beginning of a renewal of their relationship?

There have been several indications that Tommy might betray Ghost in order to take over the drug business and start calling the shots. Milan has played into Tommy’s insecurities and his ego, making it seem like the two best friends might actually be broken apart. Tommy also made it clear that he was calling the shots while Ghost was away and he really doesn’t like it that the boss is back, now that Ghost is back in the picture.

Again, things aren’t always as they appear, though. Many fans believe that Ghost and Tommy are a package deal. Seriously, if Tommy would go into a rage and kill Holly for daring to put a hit out on Ghost, even when they weren’t speaking, why would anyone think that Tommy would betray Ghost for Milan? It’s pretty clear that Ghost and Tommy will have to work together in order to overcome the threats that keep coming at them.


Speaking of threats, don’t forget that Ghost and Tommy still have no idea that Kanan is still alive. As he continues to court Tariq and gain his trust, Ghost is going to have to get his family back on track. If he doesn’t, there is a good chance that Kanan will use Tariq to get revenge on Ghost because he blames him for turning Shawn against him.

With just two episodes to go until the Season 3 finale of Power on Starz, the danger is high for Ghost and his family. What do you think of the most recent spoilers for Episode 9? Will Ghost be able to keep everyone safe as he tries to overcome Milan and navigate out of the drug business?

Power Season 3, Episode 9 airs Sunday, Sept. 18, at 9/8c on Starz.

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