Ontario School Teacher Suspended Following Alleged Crass Response To Student: ‘Lick Me Where I Fart’

A secondary school instructor from Ontario, Canada has been temporarily relieved of her duties for the second time in two years due to her crass attitude.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Jennifer Green-Johnson, an English teacher employed by Dunnville Secondary School, allegedly told one of her students, “why don’t you lick me where I fart,” during a recent lesson.

The vulgar statement ultimately led to a six-day suspension by the Grand Erie District School Board, who say that Green-Johnson has repeatedly come under fire for not only making inappropriate comments, but occasionally accosting students through physical force as well. Back in March of 2015, it was purported that she swatted one of her male students on the head before telling him to “grow some balls” after he complained. She received a one-day suspension, without pay, after being found guilty of that particular act by the school board in May of that year.

Also, at some point during the 2015-2016 session, Green-Johnson reportedly relayed to another student as a “bloody pedophile,” just days after she told a young female that she “looked like a frumpy old lady” during class. She has also been accused in the past of calling other students “idiots,” “f**s,” and on one noted occasion, a “b***h.” Her longest time-out from her duties took place in January of this year when she was given a 30-day suspension without pay.

Overall, the latest mess now makes for Johnson’s fourth occurrence of being dealt with by the Ontario College of Teachers, the organization which overlooks the school board. Spokesperson Gabrielle Barkany explained that while it is normal for teachers to sometimes have to face them more than once, it’s rarely ever as high as Green-Johnson’s situation.

“We have had cases where a teacher faces a college disciplinary panel a second time,” she explained through an e-mail that was shared by the Huffington Post, “but it is not frequent.”

Interestingly, a recent uncovering of a previous investigation during the current matter involving Green-Johnson proved that the four instances of misconduct that the OCT know about are not the only times that she has been in hot water due to her teaching practices.


Back in 2011, as she watched two male students wrestle, she reportedly commented to the pair, “so you two like it from behind?” During another instance, it was rumored that as she attempted to separate two boys who were roughhousing, she “made accidental contact” with one of their crotch areas, leaving one of the students in so much pain, he fell to the floor in tears.

She would be served another three disciplinary actions for those instances, as well as one other where she was claimed to have used inappropriate language with another of her students. Following another 30-day suspension, which she was able to coincide with another ruling from an earlier instance, she was allowed back into her classroom to “avoid disrupting” the flow of her lessons.

Speaking to The Star, Grand Erie superintendent Scott Sincerbox confirmed that there have been “multiple reports” brought up against the teacher, resulting in Green-Johnson being suspended both with and without pay several times throughout the years. In fact, since 2007, a myriad of allegations have been placed against her, but those early claims, which weren’t specifically detailed, have never been fully substantiated.

When asked about the current matter, Sincerbox would only say that Green-Johnson wasn’t currently working at Dunnville, but could not state anything further due to the ongoing investigation of the “fart” remark. The Grand Erie District School Board does have the power to relieve Green-Johnson of her duties permanently without relegating to the OCT, but it is unsure whether or not that will actually happen.

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