NASA Astronaut Thinks Aliens Exist And Plan To Destroy Earth

NASA Astronaut Leroy Chiao, 56, has spent multiple missions in space. Leroy thinks that aliens do, in fact, exist, and that they plan to destroy Earth. Why does Chiao have such doubts about Earth’s future?

Leroy, a commander of the International Space Station, spent 230 days in space. He completed four missions and six spacewalks. Leroy believes that aliens do not want to be discovered by us. If we do discover them, Leroy does not predict good things to happen here on Earth.

Leroy Chiao, a former NASA astronaut, believes aliens exist and plan to destroy Earth

The former NASA astronaut tells Space that he predicts that some day, Earth will die out.

“I believe that there is life all over our universe, since it would be the height of arrogance to think that we are alone. Moreover, I believe that at some point, life on Earth will die out, either from natural causes, or from our own doing. To me, this is a natural progression, just like individual lives on our planet. Unlike many people, including several of my astronaut colleagues, I don’t think that technology will save us. Indeed, there are strong arguments that after enabling life to thrive, technology is now hastening our collective demise. But that discussion is for another time.”

Leroy thinks the most logical place to find alien life is Mars. Not only is Mars “in our back yard,” but its warm temperatures and strong evidence that water once flowed there certainly makes it likely.

NASA astronaut believes Mars is a likely planet for alien life

Not only does Leroy believe Mars is a strong connector to alien life, but he thinks that aliens are everywhere. Unfortunately, we do not have the technology to explore the surrounding stars, such as Proxima Centauri.

“To send a spacecraft even just to our next-door neighbor Proxima Centauri, using our current technology, would take almost 80,000 years. So, we won’t easily find evidence of alien life around another star, especially those that are hundreds of millions of light-years away, or more.”

According to Express, conspiracy theorists believe they have found absolute proof of alien life on Mars.

A video posted to YouTube shows an image of a humanoid caught by Curiosity Rover. In the image, you can clearly see a human-like figure standing beside a rock. Paranormal Crucible posted the video and entitled it, “Tiny Alien Spotted On Mars?”

“I have colorized the image and added eyes to the head so its easier to see, but everything is there in the original image, whatever it is it looks humanoid, reminds me of the Atacama Alien, about the same size too, this one is around 6 inches.”

The humanoid has arms, legs, a head, chest, knees, and shoulders. Paranormal Crucible believes it to be very tiny, maybe six-inches.

Express did reveal, however, that Paranormal Crucible has been known to manipulate images with digital editing.

Other skeptics believe that conspiracy theorists like Paranormal Crucible and Scott C. Waring are tricked into seeing images that do not exist in order to see objects and shapes mimicking that of alien life, well known as pareidolia.

What do you think about Leroy’s theory on aliens? Do you believe that aliens are trying to keep their distance from humans? According to Leroy, he does not think aliens want to be noticed, and if they are found by humans, he does not see a good outcome for us here on Earth.

While aliens have got to exist among us, it is likely that we will never know about them all. With too much distance and the technology available in today’s society, we would never be able to make a trip to faraway places, such as Proxima B. According to Leroy, we should continue taking a closer look at Mars.

“The discovery of Proxima b raises renewed interest in this question. My hope is that we will find answers in my lifetime, by continuing to look even closer than ‘down the block.’ Let’s continue to explore Mars, which is in our own backyard!

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