If you think the RIAA sucks check these guys out

There is no doubt that the RIAA deserves all the bad press and flack it gets but on a scale of utter doucebaggery they pale in comparison to a company called Digiprotect.

This company exists only to trap and sue people who download possible illegal files, music and video, from the Internet. It’s one thing to try and protect your copyrights and sue people you legitimately believe have stolen your music or movies but it is another thing to purposely set up a company that does nothing but place copyrighted material in order to encourage people to download and then sue them.

And that is Digiprotect’s business model folks.

They get the legal rights from companies to distribute these media files and because they have those rights they can sue illegal downloaders – regardless of country. As Ernesto from TorrentFreak writes in his post on the company

So Digiprotect acquires the right to distribute movies, music or games from the rights holders, which they then share on various P2P networks. All they have to do is wait for people to take the bait. If someone tries to download the file they collect the IP-address and initiate legal action through one of their befriended law firms.

That is, if it’s profitable, otherwise Digiprotect can’t afford to protect the copyright holder’s rights, as Hein explains.

“No one working for DigiProtect has a fixed salary. If we make money, everybody makes money. If we don’t, nobody does. This means the lawyers, sales people and customers. It’s all about how much money can be recouped and then sharing it.”

So in other words this amounts to nothing more than legalized entrapment meant to do nothing more than make them, and probably the original rights holders, a lot of money.

Talk about scummy.