Nicholas Glenn Photos, ‘Doomed’ Letter: 25-Year-Old Out Of West Philadelphia Gets Facebook Reactions For Cop Shootings

Nicholas Glenn, 25, has been named as the man who shot six people, after Nicholas wrote about his hatred of police in a letter. That letter, which authorities believe was indeed written by Glenn, directly named Nicholas’ target: a parole officer. That parole officer was brought to safety after Glenn’s letter was found. As reported by Heavy, Glenn gunned down two police officers and four civilians. Nicholas acted alone when he went on his shooting rampage on Friday evening in Philadelphia.

The Daily Mail reported that Nicholas killed a 25-year-old woman in Glenn’s shooting attack. The 25-year-old woman’s name has not been released, pending notification of all of her family members. One of the other three non-police officers that Nicholas shot is in critical condition. The 46-year-old Philadelphia police Sergeant, Sylvia Young, was the first person that Glenn gunned down near the University of Pennsylvania campus.

Although Nicholas named a specific parole officer in what is being called a “rambling” letter filled with anti-police rhetoric, Glenn’s shooting spree in Philadelphia targeted random people, according to NBC News.

As reported by NBC 10 Philadelphia, two of the cops that Nicholas shot in West Philadelphia were veterans of the police force who both remain in the hospital as of Saturday, September 17. Glenn was himself killed in an alley close to 48th and Sansom Streets after his deadly shooting rampage.

The letter that Nicholas wrote has not been publicly released as of this time. However, authorities did mention that Nicholas’ letter spoke of people being “doomed.” It is not known if Glenn meant specific people being doomed or his random shooting victims. The title on the envelope that Glenn carried actually contained the word “doomed,” reported police. Cops say that Nicholas spoke more of himself and his parole officer in the letter — and wasn’t associated with any specific movement.

The melee began at approximately 11:20 p.m. when Glenn began shooting at Sgt. Young in her police vehicle. Glenn shot 18 times with a 9mm weapon at Young, striking her service weapon at least twice. This happened near 52nd and Sansom Streets.

Glenn went on to shoot more victims.

Sgt. Young is in good spirits, given what she has been through, report police. Nicholas struck police cars and engaged with police officers in the alley before being struck and killed. Glenn had at least three magazines as well as a plastic bag containing three to five live rounds — with police describing how Nicholas was hell-bent on creating lots of carnage.


The serial number on the gun that Glenn used had been obliterated, said police, so authorities will have to work with ATF to find out more about the gun that Nicholas used in the crime.

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On Facebook, reaction to gun violence such as that enacted by Nicholas has brought lots of talk of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, or BLM for short. Sample comments from Facebook about Glenn can be read below, like one that speaks of BLM rhetoric, even though police have not released the contents of the letter.

“Part of the BLM rhetoric is that incarcerated blacks are merely non-violent drug offenders, as if being part of the heroin/cocaine cartels and gangs is inherently peaceful. This ‘non-violent drug offender with multiple arrests’ ambushed cops in Philly yesterday. He shot a black female officer in her patrol car 15 times, ran across the street to a bar, shot the bouncer and shot a woman in the leg and used her as a human shield from pursuing officers. Then he tried to hijack a car shooting the man and woman inside, killing the woman. Then he shot another officer before he was finally killed by police, and left a note behind filled with BLM rhetoric.”

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