Khloe Kardashian Dating Tristan Thompson: Family Concerned Over Romance Amid ‘KUWTK’ Pregnancy Rumor

Khloe Kardashian’s family and friends are concerned about her, following the confirmation that the reality star is, in fact, dating NBA player Tristan Thompson.

The couple made it perfectly clear they are an item when they arrived at a recent Drake concert in Los Angeles together, sharing endless videos of one another kissing on their social media accounts.

Sources allege that Khloe has been very quiet about her relationship with Thompson — some of her family members didn’t even know the duo were hooking up.

And now that everyone knows about Kardashian’s romance, OK! Magazine reveals that the TV star is not exactly getting the support she may have been looking for from the people she loves the most.

Some of her siblings are still under the impression that she’s hurting with all the Lamar Odom drama that has erupted in recent months — particularly when it was claimed that the former athlete had relapsed once again.

Some of Khloe Kardashian’s friends are under the impression that she’s jumping into a relationship to forget about the trouble she’s had with Lamar in the past, and while they want her to move on and find happiness again, her move to suddenly hook up with Tristan Thompson happened out of the blue.

On top of all this, Khloe Kardashian’s sisters are even more confused as to why she would keep the family out of knowing that she has a new boyfriend, considering the fact that they usually find themselves telling each other everything.

“Khloe Kardashian just has not learned her lesson yet when it comes to finding the right man! And her friends are more than concerned that her latest boyfriend will continue to lead her down the wrong path,” a source tells the outlet, Gossip Cop reveals.

“While sources say the relationship is not serious, Khloe is known for investing too much energy into whoever she is dating. And the 25-year-old may be another bad choice!”

Some of Khloe Kardashian’s friends are under the impression that the relationship with Tristan is going to end nasty, simply because the basketball star’s hectic schedule is going to conflict with the time he’ll have to spend with the reality star.

Tristan resides in Cleveland, and he spends more than half the year traveling, which is already leading Khloe’s friends and family members to question themselves as to how she plans on making this relationship work. If anything, she’s doing the exact same thing again that happened with her ex-boyfriend James Harden.

The twosome reportedly broke up because they both realized that a long distance relationship is hard to maintain when both of them happen to be very busy with their careers. An insider said the following regarding Khloe’s romance situation, “Tristan is on the road more often than not. And that gets in the way of the relationship, as Khloe knows well from dating so many basketball players.”


“She can’t seem to break the pattern. Her friends are trying to help Khloe stop making the same mistakes, but she won’t listen to them. So for the time, she is using her latest beau to help her get over her heartache. Tristan’s just a short-term fix.”

Tristan’s Cavaliers teammate, Lebron James, is said to be furious over the Kardashian romance, convinced that Thompson is going to lose focus and get caught up in the publicity surrounding his relationship, which could ultimately cost the entire team another championship win.

Khloe Kardashian’s romance with Tristan comes just months after the reality star admitted she was planning on spending more time focusing on settling down and start a family of her own, Calvin Blanco reports.

“I want a family, which means like husband, wife, kids. It doesn’t necessarily mean I have to birth the kids. I could have either a surrogate if I can’t. I can adopt or say the man I married had kids. That’s still my family. I don’t think your children are only yours if you birthed them.”

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