Jinger Duggar’s ‘Babes’ Annoy ‘Counting On’ Viewers, Jim Bob Duggar Tries To Embarrass Jeremy Vuolo With Cross-Dressing Joke

Jinger Duggar has a cutesy nickname for her fiance, and some Counting On fans are getting sick of hearing it. Jinger isn’t allowed to listen to secular musicians like Sonny and Cher, but she’d probably be a big fan of their 1965 song, “I Got You Babe.” Whenever Jinger is around Jeremy Vuolo, she repeats the word “babe” more often than the singers do in their hippie love tune.

The Duggar Family Blog recently shared a Counting On webisode in which 22-year-old Jinger Duggar and 29-year-old Jeremy Vuolo discuss her use of the pet name for her beau. In the clip, a Counting On producer points out Jinger’s talent for turning “babe” into a three-syllable word. She and Jeremy are then asked to estimate how many times Jinger used her favorite nickname for her fiance during her first trip to his home in Laredo, Texas. Jeremy guessed that the word escaped her lips 75 times, but Jinger thought that the number was much higher.

“I think 375,” Jinger said.

Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo's Shopping Date In Laredo
Jinger Duggar tries on a sombrero and poses for a photo with her "babe" (Image via TLC)

Commenters on the Duggar Family Blog are usually pretty hardcore Duggar fans, but many of them couldn’t stomach love-struck Jinger’s repetition of the pet name.

“I felt a bit embarrassed by the ‘baaabe’ talk,” one fan wrote.

“I don’t know about this courting thing. Jinger has gone from being very sheltered and home all the time to having a boyfriend to talking of marriage in a mere 60 days or so,” another commented. “Emotionally she almost doesn’t seem like she is able to handle it. The ‘babe’ thing is a little much. She repeats it over and over. It seems awkward to have a camera following her around at such an emtionally vulerable [sic] time. Is it really a healthy thing?”

During this week’s Counting On episode, Jinger was only shown saying the word “babe” around 10 times, but she uses the term of endearment five times in a two-minute Counting On webisode that follows Jinger, Jeremy, and their parents during a shopping trip in Laredo.

“Babe, this is legit,” Jinger says to Jeremy outside a Mexican import shop called Basket & Pottery Alley.

Inside the store, Jim Bob Duggar continues trying to embarrass his future son-in-law on TV by placing a basket on his head.

“There’s you a hat, Jeremy,” he says in the video.

Jim Bob Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Go Shopping
Jim Bob Duggar puts a tortilla basket on Jeremy Vuolo's head (Image via TLC)

Jim Bob asks Jinger what she thinks of the headwear, and she points out that someone will likely eat out of it after it’s been on Jeremy’s head.

“I think that’s for tortillas,” she informs her father.


Jim Bob later cracks a cross-dressing joke while Jinger and Jeremy are looking at a green gown.

“I don’t know if they have your size, Jeremy,” he quips.

During the shopping trip, Jeremy Vuolo just laughed off Jim Bob Duggar’s awkward attempts at humor and tried to keep his focus on Jinger. He told his future bride that she looked “beautiful” in a sombrero, and he tried to convince her to try some Mexican candy. However, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were never far behind the courting couple.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some Counting On fans aren’t happy about Jim Bob and Michelle stepping back into the spotlight during this season of the TLC series. They don’t think the parents deserve to be on television after the way they handled their family’s sexual molestation scandal, and many viewers are also less than impressed with the way Jim Bob has been treating Jeremy. During the most recent episode of Counting On, Jim Bob shamed the preacher for having a small church and not making enough money to support Jinger’s thrift store shopping addiction. He also tried to forbid Jeremy and Jinger from “swapping spit,” and he investigated a closet in Jeremy’s bedroom without permission. Jim Bob then told the hundreds of thousands of viewers watching this invasion of privacy that the closet smelled like dirty shoes. However, as Us Weekly points out, Jinger Duggar was too focused on her future husband’s “massive bed” to worry about the stinky space where she’ll hang her thrift store finds.

Do you think it’s cute or irritating that Jinger Duggar calls Jeremy Vuolo “babe” all the time? And what do you think of Jim Bob’s treatment of his future son-in-law? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by TLC]