September 17, 2016
Orlando Bloom's Sex Tape Releases Online?

Orlando Bloom is not satisfied by showing just his penis. Katy Perry's rumored boyfriend has now released his own sex tape on his Instagram account.

Well, the fans of Kingdom of Heaven star should not consider Bloom's sex tape as a video featuring him with some lady and getting engaged in some romantic way. But, the actor made a joke about his penis pictures by posting a "sex tape" on Instagram.

The uploaded picture is just a roll of tape on which the word, sex is written.

All the other uploaded pictures on Bloom's Instagram feed are also featuring the star in a never before seen avatar. The rest of his now-public Instagram feed is also a treasure trove of glimpse of his personal life, including a video taken at Burning Man with "Rise" singer Katy Perry.Meanwhile, there are rumors that Bloom's alleged leaked penis pictures were his way to get the media attention.

In his recent interview with The Sun, Seth Rogen joked that Bloom had a good career in the past. With the films like Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hobbit, but no one has seen him in any recent movie. So, according to Rogen, Bloom thought to follow the steps of Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan in a hope that he will get better movie offers in the future.

"I think the philosophy might be: 'It's a competitive market, I'm Orlando Bloom, I've been great for years but you know what, there are all these new kids out there — the Jamie Dornan's of the world coming up — maybe I gotta show my d*** to make people remember Orlando Blooms is a f***ing OG (original gangster)."
The Knocked Up star further stated that it takes a lot of guts to reveal everything in public and he would consider giving Bloom a chance by offering him roles in his future movies.
"I would be lying if I said I wasn't more inclined to put him in something now that I saw he has a great d**."
Apparently, this was not for the first time Rogen has addressed Bloom's penis in public. During his conversation with Andy Cohen on his show, Watch What Happens Live, the comedy star stated that when he first heard of alleged leaked images featuring Bloom's penis, he rushed to get a good look at them.

Not only this, Rogen also compared Bloom's penis with Justin Bieber's leaked penis images.

"I've seen Justin's before, so maybe I was just like, you know, 'I've been there, done that,' a little bit. And it's a wonderful one! But Orlando's, I was really happy with. Good for him! He's in great shape overall. So I thought, honestly, Orlando's probably a bigger guy, and proportionally, his penis looked to scale, which makes me think overall it's probably bigger."
On the other hand, Katy Perry's parents are very impressed with the actor. According to Hollywood Life, the singer's family has seen the racy images and highly admire him as a true gentleman.
An insider further revealed to the publication that Perry's parents think that as long as their daughter is happy with the actor, they have nothing to worry about.
"Katy's parents have met Orlando and were very impressed. They think he is a complete gentleman and approves of him 100%. They have never seen their daughter happier and that's what matters most to them."
Not only her parents, but even Perry is really impressed with the way the actor lives his life. The insider further stated that LOTR star is the inspiration for her new album.
"She is continually inspired by him to take more risks and is convinced that Orlando makes her a stronger person and a more authentic singer-songwriter."
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[Feature Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for UNICEF]