‘This Is Us’ Stars Mandy Moore And Mile Ventimiglia Have ‘Palpable’ Chemistry In NBC’s Most Anticipated Dramedy Ever [Watch]

NBC has high hopes for its new drama This Is Us, and fans are already jumping onboard in huge numbers.

The network released the first trailer back in May, and it has already grabbed the attention of 64 million Facebook users. What has everyone buzzing about Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia’s newest show?

According to People, Moore’s visible chemistry with Ventimiglia is one reason why This Is Us is NBC’s most anticipated dramedy ever.

The trailer starts with Moore and Ventimiglia preparing for the birth of their triplets. The clip then turns to scenes of Moore and Ventimiglia in the delivery room, and their chemistry is effortless.

“Mandy is the kindest, most talented, most beautiful soul I’ve come across in a long time,” Ventimiglia explains. “When we shot the pilot, the funny thing was we didn’t really know each other, but we had this immediate connection.”

Moore couldn’t agree more.

“As an actor, it’s obviously our job to find chemistry with somebody who is playing our spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever,” Moore says. “Every now and then, you luck out and that chemistry is just palpable and it’s right on the surface. And I really lucked out with Milo.”

After Moore’s character goes into labor, the opening episode takes a dark turn when one of their triplets dies.

“I would imagine that it sort of brings them closer than ever, but their lives are going to be sort of forever marked by this experience,” she adds.

According to Huffington Post, This Is Us centers on the lives of five characters who share the same birthday. The series picks up as each character is turning 36 and dives deep into life’s biggest curveballs.

For the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman (who wrote Crazy, Stupid Love), he originally wrote the project as a film. However, he changed it into a TV script because he wanted the audience to see his character grow throughout the years.

“When I sat down to write this show, I wanted to write about people in my life,” Fogelman added.

Considering the trailer’s 64 million views and the large cast, Brit reports that This Is Us is sure to be a hit for NBC.

Also, seeing Mandy Moore back in action is enough to attract a lot of fans.

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore [Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]

Speaking of Moore, the actress recently sat down with NY Mag and discussed her role on This Is Us.

As the trailer revealed, Moore’s character opens the season with an intense and tragic childbirth scene, something that Moore went to great lengths to research.

Not only did she burn through YouTube for clips of real moms giving birth, but she also had the help of an on-set nurse.

“I wanted to make the pain realistic,” Moore explained. “Not just that stereotypical screaming and buckling down.”


For Moore, who experienced several failed pilot seasons over the years, her return to television is a welcomed change.

“I took a very, very purposeful step out of this world for the past couple of years, so it feels nice to be back,” she admitted. “I think I was investing everything I was into my personal life. Sort of nesting, and trying to be a good partner.”

Moore was married to Ryan Adams for six years before their union ended in divorce.

Since Moore’s breakup, the actress has developed a new outlook on life.

“I’ve been working on myself and have been in plenty of therapy to realize that is not the only role that I need to assume in life,” she stated.

Fans can watch Moore return to television when the first season of This Is Us premieres on Sept. 20 on NBC.

Tell us! Will you be tuning in to the premiere of This Is Us? Check out the extended preview below and let us know in the comments.

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