Apple iPhone 5 Probably Won’t Burn You With Chemicals [Study]

Good news iPhone 5 users: Your smartphone probably won’t leave you with horrible chemical burns. iFixIt and HealthyStuff recently torn apart the smartphone and then analyzed its chemical contents. The company’s then compared the iPhone 5 to 35 other smartphone models.

Researchers found that most new smartphones are made with less hazardous chemical,s and the iPhone 5 is one of the least chemically inclined devices. In fact, the only ‘high concern’ devices were built before 2012.

The iPhone 5 scored a 2.8 on a five point scale, slightly worse than the iPhone 4 which received a 2.69.

The device’s score was based on chemicals, components, and a final overall build.

In comparison, the iPhone 2G managed a 5.0 ranking, the worst possible score for chemical and component builds.

If nothing else, the study shows that Apple is actively attempting to reduce its dependency on cheap chemicals that were once used en masse to build smartphones.

Chemicals found in the iPhone 5 include bromine, chlorine, lead, and mercury. Those chemicals were found in the devices casing, circuit board, processor, and buttons.

What might be most surprising is the study’s discovery that manufacturers tend to be widely inconsistent across their various smartphone models. For example, the Samsung Captivate scored a 2.71 while the Samsung Propel scored a 3.60.

Here is the full ranking chart for the 36 smartphones examined:

Toxic chemicals smartphone chart

Future testing will likely find less chemical use in future smartphone builds as customers continue to complain about the potentially dangerous products that are being placed next to their ear as they make an increasing number of cellular phone calls.