Kristen Bell Holds Family In The Palm Of Her Hand

Kristen Bell is one of those celebrities you just can’t help but to love, especially for her knack of sharing just the right amount of details about her private life, as she does in a recent Instagram post. While Bell and husband Dax Shepard do value their privacy, especially when it comes to raising their children, 3-year-old old Lincoln and 20-month-old Delta, Bell and Dax will still share the occasional glimpse into their enviable family. Such was the case with the picture Kristen recently shared in which she used a fairly common optical illusion to make it seem as though she held Dax and children in the palm of her hand.

Kristen Bell Might Be A Giant

First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan-a right of passage for any Mitten baby ✋

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It almost looks as though Ms. Bell has undergone a tremendous growth spurt in her latest photo share, as Kristen appears to hold her family in her palm. Us Weekly reports that this is the first photo for the couple’s newest addition, Delta, as Shepard takes her for her first swim.

“First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan — a right of passage for any Mitten baby,” Kristen captioned the photo.

Kristen Bell has worked hard to keep her kids away from the spotlight, so, while this might be a cheeky nod to that endeavor, it’s likely to be the best look fans will get of Delta for quite some time. Speaking of motherhood, Bell says that she and Dax have learned that timing plays a very important role in communicating with Lincoln and Delta.

“One thing I’ve learned as a mom is, it’s really important to monitor when they are able to receive your information,” says Kristen Bell. “We wait until they calm down and then we talk to them.”

Bell also reveals that Lincoln tends to take after her, while Delta has already shown signs of following Dax’s example. Kristen jokes that, much like Dax, Delta’s first response is to slug it out. Kristen adds that she’s working on teaching her youngest other methods for working out her problems.

The Good Place Star Kristen Bell On Playing A Devilish Screw-Up

In an interview with IGN, Kristen talks about playing Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place and how she has been looking for this type of character, since she played Sarah Marshall in 2008. Bell says she loves the conflict Eleanor causes in The Good Place audiences. On the one hand, Bell’s character seems wholly irredeemable committing selfish and deplorable acts over and over, but, even so, one can’t help but to hope for the best, encouraging sympathy for Eleanor even through her worst behaviors.

“It’s incredibly interesting, the pitch Mike Schur had about this jerk who gets into the Good Place, because it’s my job to make you root for her despite these terrible things that she may be doing,” says Bell.


Kristen also draws attention to the fact that she feels relatable to her character in The Good Place. Bell suggests that Eleanor is just the kind of character that helps her to get her creative juices flowing and to give her acting talents a good workout.

“So yeah, I think it plays to what I feel my strengths are. I say that in a very humble way. I’m far from the most talented actress on Earth but I feel like I’ve found a niche,” explains Ms. Bell. “I’m not an onion you can’t get to the bottom of. I’m more like a shallot. I’m like a little pink onion. I do have some layers and I might not be as potent but I add some spice to the dish.”

Aside from the characterization of Bell’s Eleanor, The Good Place has the added draw of giving viewers a glimpse into a world beyond the normal reality of our day to day lives, adds Kristen. The Good Place actress says that this aspect of an expanded view of the world is a part of the show’s charm. Bell says the ability to use visual effects to create different environments helps to give The Good Place a more surreal aura, making it possible to give viewers something uniquely different from that which has previously been seen.

“The world isn’t — it’s not the Manhattan loft from Friends. It’s not the hipster apartment, or the football field from Friday Night Lights,” says Ms. Bell. “The world is different and more dimensional than things we’ve seen before. And the fact that they can use VFX whenever they want really adds to the charm.”

The Good Place, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, is set to premiere on Friday, September 23 on NBC.

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