Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Wedding Off? ‘They’re Fighting Non-Stop’ [Report]

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s upcoming wedding is reportedly in jeopardy amid reports that the twosome have been “fighting non-stop” in recent weeks.

According to reports, the couple, who just debuted their E! reality series on September 11, have been seriously butting heads recently, which has Blac and Rob’s friends and family worried that they may not even make it down the aisle and could even cancel their upcoming wedding.

“[Blac] has been moody and cranky for weeks,” a source told Radar Online of Chyna’s recent behavior. “She and Rob are fighting non-stop right now which is great for TV, but not good for them.”

According to the source, a lot of Chyna’s frustrations stem from her pregnancy, as an insider alleged that the reality star is now “over” being pregnant.

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“Blac is just really over being pregnant,” the source said, “and she cannot wait until the baby is born.”

Blac and Kardashian are yet to officially respond to the rumors of “non-stop” fighting and canceled weddings, though Hollywood Life also admitted that things are pretty rocky for the couple, who are expecting their first child in October, and alleged that their friends and family are worried they could even split after the baby is born.

A source who spoke out to the site about Blac and Rob’s drama revealed that, although the two do love each other, Kardashian and Chyna’s relationship isn’t necessarily the healthiest.

“Rob is madly in love with Chyna, but it’s not a healthy love,” a source claimed amid the wedding drama reports. “It’s on the verge of being obsessed.”

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Radar Online also reported that Blac and Rob’s relationship can sometimes be a little one-sided.

“Chyna loves Rob, and everything he brings to the table, but I don’t think she’s IN love with him,” an insider close to Chyna alleged to the site. “[Kardashian] treats her like a queen and is great with [her son] King Cairo, but I can’t say she’s in love with him.”

The latest rumors swirling around Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashain come just days after it was reported that Blac was looking for $1.5 million from the E! network for the rights to broadcast her and Rob’s upcoming wedding.

Radar Online revealed that Blac was seeing serious dollar signs when it comes to her and Kardashian’s wedding and is reportedly demanding the serious sum of cash because she doesn’t want the ceremony to be broadcast as part of the twosome’s existing reality show, Rob & Chyna.

“Blac is playing hardball because E! wants to film the wedding, but it’s not part of her current contract,” a source claimed as rumors swirl that the wedding could be canceled. “The network is trying to incorporate the wedding into the agreement, which would mean no more money.”


However, it sounds like Blac is definitely out for more cash and has supposedly been insisting that her and Kardashian’s impending wedding will not be included on Rob & Chyna unless the network, which also airs Keeping Up with the Kardashians, gives her more cash.

“[Blac] thinks they are trying to screw her over,” the gossip site claimed. “She’s confident she’ll get [$1.5 million] and hopes to finalize plans this week with the network.”

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But while rumors continue to swirl that things have gotten so bad between Blac and Kardashian that they could potentially cancel their big day, the site previously alleged that Chyna has already begun wedding planning and is even considering having two ceremonies should she tie the knot with Rob.

“Blac wants to get married in Europe and have a week of events like Kim [Kardashian] early next year — but even bigger and much better,” an insider revealed, confirming that Chyna is looking to have a wedding ceremony both before and after she gives birth to her and Rob’s first child later this year.

What do you think of the latest reports claiming that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s wedding could be canceled amid their latest drama?

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