Corey Feldman’s ‘Today Show’ Performance Gets Mocked But His Song Is Climbing The Charts…And We’ve Confirmed It! [UPDATE]

Corey Feldman’s performance of his new song “Go 4 It” on the Today Show’s Friday morning broadcast was so bizarre it sparked some of the most humorous tweets of the week, but as it turns out, there really is no such thing as bad press. Feldman’s song, which gets some help from Snoop Dogg, is creeping up the charts.

According to Feldman’s Twitter account, despite his odd performance on Today, in which Corey channeled dance moves from Michael Jackson and Willy Wonka, Feldman says “Go 4 It” rose three places this week and is now up to #32.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on the tweet about what chart Feldman is talking about. In fact, after reviewing the American Top 40, Billboard Top 100, and iTunes top downloads, we couldn’t find signs of Corey’s song anywhere.

We looked at England’s Official Singles Chart Top 100, no Feldman. We looked at the Japanese and Korean Top 100. We looked at Shazam’s Top 100 and still no signs of Corey Feldman’s song.

But just because we couldn’t find it, doesn’t mean that “Go 4 It” really isn’t climbing the charts somewhere because one thing is for certain, people sure are talking about it, especially after The Today Show aired Corey Feldman and his back up band of angels live.

UPDATE, September 18: Corey’s representatives reached out to us and were finally able to help us pinpoint the chart he was referring to. According to the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator, Corey and his song “Go 4 It” really have gone up three places from 35 to 32 and is enjoying its seventh week on that chart.”Go 4 It” also spent 6 to 7 weeks on the CashBox Magazine, Record World & Digital Radio Tracker Independent national Top 100 charts starting July 16. Thanks to Feldman’s reps for reaching out to us and helping us find the source so we could provide accurate information for his fans!

Corey’s reps had this to say about his success: “Corey Feldman’s “Go 4 It” is proudly being promoted by Gary Lefkowith of, Michael Debarge of Midtown Radio Inc with additional West coast & digital assistance from Michael Matthews. We stand behind our work and we are very proud of what Corey has accomplished.” – CiFi Records Promotion Staff

Feldman said during the interview before the performance that his album has been 10 years in the making, and he was dedicating it to four people including his grandfather, his musical mentor Michael Jackson, his frequent former and now deceased co-star Corey Haim, and Michael Jackson’s magician friend Majestik.

Feldman came across as a sincere Charlie Sheen with his “Goddesses” as he described his back up band Corey’s Angels, telling the hosts, “That’s why I created Corey’s Angels as a way to help girls who are kind of lost and needed a way to get their opportunities, their dreams and make them their realities and that’s what we do, ya know? Try to help them make their realities their dreams.”

Corey Feldman was enthusiastic and appeared genuinely excited to be finally airing his music, but he probably wasn’t prepared for the reception it got in the cruel world of social media.

Some people seemed genuinely confused that Corey Feldman was still alive, mixing him up with Corey Haim. Some expressed sadness (including actor Josh Gad) that Feldman wasn’t trending due to the announcement of Goonies 2 finally beginning production. One Twitter user even hilariously added The Benny Hill Show theme music to Corey’s dance moves.

Adding the Benny Hill music to Corey Feldman dancing makes it EVEN FUNNIER

— Molly (@Molly_Kats) September 16, 2016

Some were just plain mean.

While Feldman tried to take the criticism in stride, he wasn’t completely without support as some applauded Corey for doing his thing without caring what others think about him.


Corey Feldman was a child actor in the 80s, appearing in such classic films as The Lost Boys and Goonies. Feldman and actor Corey Haim were frequently cast together, earning them the moniker “the two Coreys” and people, other than 12-year-old girls back in the day, often confused the two.

Corey and Susie Feldman with Corey Haim at the premiere of "The Two Coreys" in 2007. Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
Corey and Susie Feldman with Corey Haim at the premiere of "The Two Coreys" in 2007. Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

In the early 2000s, Feldman took on the reality show world with a stint on The Surreal Life. Corey snagged his wife Susie on the show, but the couple would later end up divorcing. Feldman would later make an attempt to resurrect the success of Coreys past with the reality show The Two Coreys, in which he and Haim tried furthering their adult acting careers. Tragically, Corey Haim, who struggled for most of his life with drug addiction, passed away in 2010 from drug induced pneumonia. Though Feldman hasn’t experienced the level of success he did as a child actor, he has remained steadily employed in B movies and voice over work.

In the 80s, Feldman was frequently seen cavorting with music legend Michael Jackson. Though Feldman publicly discussed being molested by higher-ups in the filmmaking industry, Corey always vehemently denied anything inappropriate from Jackson and continues to pay homage to the entertainer to this day.

While those not familiar with Corey Feldman may have been shocked by his odd look, moves, and mediocre singing on the Today Show, those who grew up watching Corey probably weren’t all that surprised by the performance. In case you missed it, check it out below. Fair warning, you may find yourself either mesmerized, dumbfounded, or both. Corey Feldman just has that effect on people. And don’t be alarmed. That’s not Rerun from What’s Happening joining Feldman on the stage, that’s Doc Ice.

One thing’s for certain. Between Corey Feldman being mocked and Ricky Schroder’s divorce being announced, it’s been a rough week for 1980s heartthrobs.

[Featured image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.]