Kim Kardashian Shocks With Latest Nude Selfie, Admits To Taking 6,000 Selfies During Four-Day Holiday

Kim Kardashian has surpassed even her own record for vanity, admitting (or, some would say boasting) to taking 6,000 selfies during her recent four-day holiday.

News Australia reports that the famous-for-being-famous Kim Kardashian admitted to taking 6,000 selfies during her recent four-day holiday to Mexico, during which she vacationed in the beach village of Punta Mita.

News Australia calculated that’s an average of 1,500 selfies per day of her four-day holiday, or 62 selfies per hour, assuming that she never slept. Basically, Kim Kardashian took one photo of herself every minute for every hour of every day of her four-day vacation. Needless to say, that’s a lot of selfies.

The mother of two took her three-year-old daughter North and her nine-month-old son Saint on the vacation with her, which begs the question as to how she was able to find time to take a selfie per minute while looking after a toddler and a baby.

Kim Kardashian posted only a select few of those thousands of photos on her Instagram account, leaving the content of the rest of those selfies up to the imagination of the socialite’s fans.

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This photo, published on Kim Kardashian’s official Twitter account, shows that she even resorted to having someone else take pictures of her while she was busy taking a selfie. Where are her kids?

Kim Kardashian may have left the rest of those thousands of selfies to her fans’ imagination, but she is certainly not used to leaving much else to the imagination. Famous for her almost ongoing series of nude selfies, Kim Kardashian has made headlines once again for posting another topless photo to her Snapchat account.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to receiving outpourings of criticism for her nude photos. Another News Australia article reports that back in March 2016, Kim Kardashian was criticized by celebrities, which included Bette Midler, Chloe Moretz, and Piers Morgan, for repeatedly displaying her naked body for the world to see.

Piers Morgan has again chimed in on Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie, which features the socialite completely naked, except for her arm and a chair strategically placed to cover the absolute necessities.

Describing Kim Kardashian as “a bit desperate now,” Piers Morgan advises the socialite to “just put it/them away.”

Kim Kardashian reportedly posted her most recent scandalous photo to show off her new spray tan, referring to herself as “tanorexic.”

“Nothing like a midnight spray tan, you guys. Tanorexic”


In other news, the Daily Mail reports that Kim Kardashian’s world-famous app has been around for one year now, and the socialite celebrated with – you guessed it – yet another selfie.

Kim Kardashian posted the never-before-seen photo on her website, including a caption that celebrates the anniversary of her app.

The photo shows Kanye West’s socialite wife wearing a black crop and black bicycle shorts with sheer black cloth hanging from her hip and billowing out above her head like a parachute.

Kim Kardashian said that the never-before-seen photo is part of a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Matt Williams, and that she felt it was “really important” to share the photos on the one-year anniversary of her incredibly successful app.

“I can’t believe it’s the anniversary of my app! We spent over a year working on it and it was really important to me to share never-before-seen photos with you, including some original photoshoots like this one with Matt Williams.”

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